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Jump Mod 2 + Triune Discovery
Hey Quakefriends, here is version 2 of my Jump Boots mod. This mod adds a collectable double jump item, allowing the player to perform jumps in mid-air and reach new heights! There is a version that is carried between levels, and one that is a 30 second powerup and a bit more “super”. The mod is built off my ModJam entry from February, perfected by Sock, muddied up some more by me and added on top of Rubicon 2’s source code. Included in the zip you will find the mod, and basic devkit resources, for those wanting to integrate this mod with their own or build maps with the mod.

The Jump Boots

Additionally, you will find Triune Discovery; a map pack I've been working on for a little while-- 3 episodic maps with 2 extras and a start map. The maps all have something in common: less combat in favor of a platforming and exploration focus. I recognize that this won't be for everyone, but the lower difficulty levels add some concessions for the less agile. Jump boots 2 mod is required for the map pack, I’ve neatly bundled it all up for your convenience. I hope you all enjoy!

Map Pack Teaser Trailer

Quaketastic Download

Google Drive Download
Very yes 
These Maps Are A Blast 
I was lucky enough to test previous versions. All Quake players are in for a treat with this mod! 
Played Central Processing tonight. Really fun map! This is one of the best mods I've played and the maps have a lot to do with it! My white knuckle playthru below:

Can't wait for Jumpboot Jam! 
Mechanics are tight, the maps are very nice, and this mod is really perfect for authors who want to add more mobility to their levels. Looking forward to mappers using the jumpboots! 
Skill 3 demos
Fullbright patch

I love this kind of stuff, but it felt a bit too soft, like a long tutorial that never really tests you. Though I guess that was the point (an exploration-heavy obstacle course). Dodging traps over a pit and being greeted by an ogre - that worked, wanted more of that. Looking back at "Airgapped" - it had moving platforms, layers, swarms of enemies - things I feel this should have built up to (except 4 times less cramped).

Really liked how open that last castle level was.

The "flappy boots" I feel could work better as a permanent upgrade with limited rechargeable resource (think levitation from Undying). In a way, that's what they are already, assuming endless respawning supply. Except currently the player has to backtrack and the mapper has to account for infinity in all directions. 
Thank you guys for the feedback and demos so far. Chedap, I think your criticisms on difficulty are spot on- I went for more static jumping challenges in an effort to keep frustration down to a minimum.I definitely think there's plenty of room for more challenging maps in the future, and by no means does TD encompass everything that can be done with the mod.

I think we should lock in JumpJam(TM) for January, if there's enough interest! 
To be brutally honest, I liked the difficulty you had in your your modjam map more, because that one emphasized jumping more. This time it feels like you want the player to explore more than jump around. Although, I might have that impression solely because of how tame the difficulty was.

Having said that, the maps weren't by all means bad and after my first playthrough, I felt inspired with ideas. The boss fight was my favorite scene, even though that too felt very tame.

I'm definitely looking forward to a more sadistic take on this mod :) 
This Is Amazing 
thank you for making this.

i'm surprised by just how much this managed to immerse me into quake again, and just into games in general. something about the the moment after the long fall where the map suddenly opens up combined with the amazing music totally sold the illusion of exploring ancient ruins in some far away and long forgotten place to me. 
Played this over the afternoon. I had a ton of fun with it. A lovely gem of a mod. 
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