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Abyss Of Pandemonium V2.0 Improved Edition (12.12.2019)
Greetings, everyone!

I remember myself enjoying to play AOP as it really felt like a continuation of Quake's story and had some unique features which fit quite well into the world of Quake. There were some things I wanted to improve and polish while playing this mission pack and now most of this stuff has finally been implemented. So, let me introduce you a very useful patch created by me and Seven for Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0.

For information on fixes/tweaks/added features, please refer to readme file inside the Docs folder. There are 3 custom icons included to use with game's shortcut and AOP official soundtrack (.mp3 format) to use with Mark V or QuakeSpasm. The soundtrack from quaddicted is in .ogg format only so decided to convert it to .mp3.

1) An engine which supports external .ent files (e.g. Mark V or QuakeSpasm)

2) Abyss Of Pandemonium The Final Mission v2.0 itself

3) This patch: Patch For Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0 (01.05.2020) (note: In russian language "скачать" means "download")

1) Create a folder called "Impel" in your quake directory and unpack all the files from into it
2) Download our patch and unpack all the contents of the archive into Impel directory
3) Use shortcut or .bat file (both of which must be created by you) to launch the AOP, for example:
Mark_V.exe -game Impel -particles 8000
(-particles 8000 is necessary because there is a huge amount of pixel particles used by exit teleporter at aop2m3)

P.S. I'm also known as "0V3RDR!VE" at forums.

(EDIT: updated the link to the patch)
Never played those before, they are deliciously old-school! Almost on the same level as a small expansion pack. Thanks a lot! 
Since it's not obvious, there is a new version of the patch on May 1, 2020, the link above now points to this new version. 
Download Link Update - 06.05.2021 
Added additional sharpness to two icon files inside the package:

Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0-Icon #2.ico
Abyss Of Pandemonium v2.0-Icon #3.ico

The download link has been changed (Old download link is no longer available).

New download link: 
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