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Q1SP : "Diminutive Abyss"
(Requires Arcane Dimensions)

A small exploration based map. Find the buttons hidden throughout.

Holy Remains Of Sepulcher 
nice map! 
Very Nice Map! 
I love it.

My only complain is about the last button: it's pretty hard to reach. Jumping on the big blocks near that button is a bit too hard.

Despite this, the map is great. 
Cool Void Map. 
Had zero issues getting to all of the buttons. I must've simply went a different route, because I am no fancy jumper. It was fun to explore all of the nooks and crannies. Looks nice too. Missed one secret and 4 dudes. They must pop out when that last secret is discovered. Regardless, a fun little map! 
Decent Level 
Going to be honest, from what I played of the small snipped you threw us last year, I had assumed this would be a lot more exploratory in nature. Right now it feels like there's a single path that you take and the buttons are just sort of hanging around, not far enough away from the intended path to really be interesting enough.

Reminded me of the maps in the no-combat jam, where people placed buttons around.. but in those maps it felt a lot less linear and more like you were actually exploring. Maybe I just was seeking something different, it's a solid release nonetheless. 
While the map couldve and perhaps shouldve been something more, this release was about just that. A release.

Im realizing its better to release the scrap than to just have stuff sitting on my hard drive. Especially things I've but time into and that people were looking forward too. (but not so much that i feel forced to release a map, just a little incentive)

So this might become a trend for me...Ive got a lot of scraps from my first 2 years of TrenchBrooming.

Thanks for playing everyone. <3 
Neat map, I enjoyed hopping around the various edges & ledges. Here's my playthrough
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