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Markie Music Sound Pack For Quake Vol. 1
(Resubmitting as news like I should've the first time)

Hey everybody, I recently got really into mapping for Quake and felt like I could contribute to everyone's soundscape a bit with my background. I went ahead and put together a collection of over 80 ambient sounds to use!


Thanks for checking this out!
This is a nice resource to pull from. Thank you very much! 
A nice selection of ambient sounds! I especially like morte1 and morte2, they have that mysterious feeling you find in some of the Quake 3 gothic maps. 
Thats a great bunch of soundfiles that inspires for more mapping. Thanks for that!
Looking forward to use some of this in my mod. 
Thanks A Lot 
Great Job !
There's a large variety of sounds. I'll use some in my next maps. Indoorparty1 is very fun I love the idea. Indeed very inspirating. Some sounds are very scary.
Good stuff 
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