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January Jump Jam™ Released!
January Jump Jam is complete and ready for your enjoyment! 10 new maps which feature varying degrees of platforming intensity, brutal fights, and wondrous exploration.

These legendary mappers took part in this jam:
Greenwood, Hardcore Mazu, Heresy, Pinchy, Shadesmaster, and Smilecythe.. I made a map also.


Jam Poster

Promo Trailer

Get it here:
Quaketastic Download

Or here:
ModDB Download
I almost forgot to mention Vurkka, he made a secret map for this pack as well! 
Downloading as we speak.

But I'll need to play Triune Discovery first... 
Skill 2 demos
Good fun, no time to write down impressions though 
I was strongly inspired by your halloween map.
Also Chris Holden's and Comradebeep's one.
It motives me to play with runic textures.
Thanks for these demos.
Watching "first time playthrough" after finishing a map is soo enjoyable. I'd like to say it's the best part of mapping.
It's very instructive, and the best way to improve my gameplay&aesthetic design. 
Jumpy Demos 
Here are my first run Skill 2 Demos.

Except for my map which is secretless run and Smilecythe's map which I tested before.

Entire pack was fun! Now I want more jump mod maps to play. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this jam! 
Triune won't hold a candle to most of this pack, so yes play that first :D 
I just can't get enough of these double jump boots. Great pack! 
This was one Awesome Pack, great work everyone.
I played all of them on stream here: 
Meant To Post A Screenshot... 
...but can't log the fuck into Quaketastic. Oh, well.

I hate jumping puzzles. So there's that.


I LOVED Engineering Mania! In fact, I spent 124,45 minutes getting 281/281 + 38/38. Truly great map. With jumping puzzles just right not to be annoying.

Smilecyte's is the one I enjoyed the least. Stupidly hard puzzles. Did noteven bother to reach the end. 
I had a hard time with that one as well. I managed to get all the silver keys, but gave up after attempting one of the gold keys (north portal iirc). The timing in that puzzle was just too tight. Is the timing based on difficulty by any chance? I had chosen skill 2. Beautiful map, in any case. 
Really Cool Pack (P: 
greenwood: sg=really loved the purple and returning to the vertical hub. very dynamic map, a treat. just not so much into the name/O: // pastel hell: love the palette, wow, it’s so lovely! i really appreciate that it’s not just an ascent, you gotta go back down and climb up again… which may seem arduous but it’s really not. this was really fun

shadesmaster: this map is completely ridiculous. it’s a pretty fun goofy theme, and i love it when mappers do that. i replayed it a couple times. joyous

jcr: pretty nutty map. my fav part is jumping around the cliff so that it feels like i’m discovering a secret path even though it’s intended. this level design is pretty smart, though a couple times i did get a lil’ confused (probably because i’m directionally challenged, lol). super high quality stuff.

heresy: absolutely gorgeous architecture, mood, structure. very demanding, i died many many times. wonderful cross-pollination of styles tied together with crimson. i can’t say enough about this map. thank you.

pinchy: what a beautiful, relaxing vacation… well, not really at all, is it? the setting really led me to believe that this wasn’t gonna be as challenging as it was. love the open layout so much, plus the inner cave, what a strange layout that was a blast to play.

hardccore mazu: i have a love/hate relationship with this. i started it, knowing i had a party to go to in a couple hours. i had no idea i wasn’t going to finish before, and i had to give up. unfortunately, i tried playing again, but i totally lost the momentum. HOWEVER, i still feel compelled to go back. i usually am fine with not completing a map this large, but something about this one feels different (which is funny because base maps are my least fav). it’s quite byzantine, but not awful. i’ll probably wait a year to go back so i’ll come back in fresh, but i can’t wait for that.

smilecythe: i couldn’t beat this on god mode. this seems almost like a joke level. eventually, i had to beat it with noclip and god… lol. but even then, it was worth it because this is packed with so many interesting ideas. i usually play quake on hard, so i know i’m not bad, but this definitely makes me feel like a baby. one of the reasons i love quake so much is the atmosphere, and this is one of the best examples of that.  
This is one of my favorite releases in quite a while. Some great aesthetic choices, and enough of a tweak to Quake exploration & combat to freshen it up without making it something completely different. The jump boots and the teleport gun were the two things I remember piquing my interest the most from the mod jam, and I'm happy to see this get some takeup.

I do like the "go through an area once, then come back through later with the boots for a different experience" thing a lot, but I'm glad not all the maps leaned on that approach. Some real creativity and thoughtful design going on here.

I'm not quite done with the pack. I admit I tapped out of Mazu's map -- personal taste, I'm a little wary by default of a map with multiple hundreds of kills, and especially a base map. I did love the initial minutes, the atmosphere and the way it gradually revealed itself, so maybe I'll come back to it regardless! Sometimes I do end up being a fan of a giant map in the end. On to Smilecythe's for now though. 
Hmm I might need to call it on Smilecythe's too. Great look but there's some system-quirk-dependent stuff going on (I think) in the puzzles.

I'm in the tower where you have to open a jumppad, bounce up, shoot a button, then apparently get to the next jump pad to bounce up again... but I can't get over there in time. There's a beam that shoots out from the wall that seems like it's meant to boot me over to that next pad, but in Quakespasm at least the physics don't work that way for me. The beam pushes me over a bit and then I fall straight down once the beam stops.

Out of curiosity I tried opening the map in FTE and godmoding my way back to that same spot, and in FTE the physics are different and the puzzle seems to work as intended (at least the first bit). Not sure what to think about that. Maybe at some point I'll bring my SP config over to FTE and restart the map. 
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