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AD_Q1SP: "The Containment Centre" By Markie Music
This is a remake of the first level of an indie FPS I'm currently working on called Viscerafest. This is also my first completed release, as I just started mapping this month (Jan 2020).

I thought it would be fun and a good exercise to re-imagine the level in Arcane Dimensions. It's a short but challenging level. The secrets should be easy but are really worth it! If you enjoy this I may do more levels, even a whole E1 remake.

Thank you to my playtesters:
Ryack, Chris Holden, and Voidforce

Comparison Shots:

Is It A Bug? 
Thanks for letting us play your map!

I encountered something which may or may not be a bug. I use quakespasm-spiked and in the beginning area of the map, to the right of the player spawn place is a room with a rocket launcher in it, but I was unable to get into that room, although apparently nothing is blocking the access into the room. I wonder if this is the designed behavior (invisible force field or glass door?) or a bug. 
Re: Is It A Bug? 
There is a forcefield there, but it's not invisible. It uses the animated yellow force field texture. I play this in QSS as well and haven't had this issue, nor has any tester, so I'm a bit confused.

Can see it here: 
Looking Good! 
Hey, your map looks great and plays well. With the respawning health/ammo at the end, I was able to stock up in between waves. Found all the secrets too; however, not the RL until after everyone was dead. Look forward to the next level! 
One Little Thing I Forgot 
...are your dogs tougher? They seem to take twice the damage than regular pooches in AD! I am not complaining, I was just curious. 
Re: One Little Thing I Forgot 
Thanks for playing! And yes, the dogs are a bit tougher at 100 hp. I did this for the sake of recreation, as Viscerafest has a tougher melee rushdown enemy and using fiends would've been too much. 
Invisible Forcefield 
Thanks for your explanation.

After reading your words, I realized that it was the modified palette file which I had put there inside AD folder for higher contrast and brightness that is to blame. Once this file is removed, everything works as expected.

Thank you. 
This was a neat little map, and your first release I think? Visual quality is already really good, and it was fun to play through. Looking forward to more!
My playthrough: 
Vidya Of My Playthrough 
Excuse my rambling about Viscerafest for the first 3 minutes. 
Very good map, fun has been had. 
Good flow, just had about 50th playthrough on nightmare, really liked final battle and color palette. 
Thank you for the compliments folks! 
Great Map! 
I loved this map, great lighting, especially love the last encounter, as it didn't force the player into a cramped space. 
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