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SM206: Prototypes Is Out!
13 mappers joined up to build speedy layouts using only Khreathor's prototype_1_2.wad. All sorts of tricks and traps await!


download from quaketastic

Nice Pack 
My complete playthrough:
Thanks for the maps! 
That poster is pretty great. :-) 
Great Pack 
My demos are there !
Great job dudes some maps are very impressive.
It could be cool to see some of these maps textured with enhanced texture. 
I love this map-pack.
The reduction to simple forms and colors was a great idea, also the level design.
Some synthi- retrowave music would fit to these levels.
Hope to see more of those maps in the future.

best wishes. 
If there was a command line to show only the enemies wireframes would be awesome. It would feel like a TRON game or something like that. 
you can try "r_showtris 2" in fitzquake/quakespasm 
Thanks! This is what i was looking for! =D 
arkii: absolutely gorgeous. love the flatshades + lowpoly style. really  gives quake a much different feel which is what i’m all about! 

burnham: such a cute level, which is something i wish i could say more about quake (O: really fun setup, though sometimes travelling across the room can be a bit long. love the light switch most of all. thanks for bringing this to the jam!

holden: really solid map, love the layout, wish there was more colour though :OP

greenwood: oh my goodness that was so much fun. holy cow. every wave made me nervous, especially when it came to fiends… and you give the GL? lol. mean! my fav was the vores though, that was a blast! and then the surprises at the end…lol. rude. :OP

hcm: oh my god, the ending portion is epic. i love, love, love it. when you give an enemy a voice, though, i don’t wanna kill it lol. the first part of the map is also really cool too, i love how the areas interconnect. i did get lost quite a bit, so i think maybe some sort of colourcoding could have helped, or something—but i do tend to find myself doing that in plenty of maps. really nice

konair: really cool layout and flow. i do feel the space could be a little more compressed, or add more details/enemies—feels a bit sparse. i do really like the variation of indoor and outdoor quite a bit, there’s a really nice balance here.

omni: had a glitch where everything went invisible when i was at the multipad lava area? not sure why, it looks super cool so far ..

pinchy: besides that one awful vore in that silo area, this was great! i love the use of the LG, i wish more mappers used it. high stakes combat is so exciting. such a great feel for a map.

quasiotter: that's me! i wrote a postmortem here:

schnedwob: another cute map!! lol. i love that you gave a texture so much personality and turned a weapon into something wholesome. love love love it, though it seems like you had more planned

void: wonderfully intense. really fascinating architecture here: i love the fact that the column in the middle looks great in this wad. the floating key indicators are cool too. very difficult and very fun!

yoder: this was a cool set of lil’ encounters! first attack was scary, the box-trap was so much fun (restarted that part over a bunch to see if i could survive without shooting), and the final zone was pretty weird because i think i had a dream that was just like that. or maybe there was a quake map like that? regardless, it was great as i expected :OP

zigi: lovely and tough map. favourite bit was that huge room with the stairs—so lovely to walk in. nice flow, nice gameplay, really great map overall. 
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