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Q2SP: Outer Outer Base
I have created a new standalone singleplayer map for Quake 2.

Twitter-post with screenshots here:

Direct download URL here:
Really nice level! I liked the whole structure of that mountain top base and the progression, where you traverse the architecture from different directions. Was amused about the generous use of crates (this is Quake II after all!)
Good combat with progressivly harder monsters, and you had to be conservative with ammo. Though I think there could have been more shotgun ammo and slightly more health. It would have been good to let the player restock on health before that risky elevator ride. I figured out every crate jumping puzzle to get every health pack but I was pretty low on health anyway in the end.
Overall really good, fun level. Please make more! 
The map was released perhaps a bit too fast (but I have so little time for this). I had left out a few things like some accidentally deleted brushes and healthkits, but I have updated the map now. It's the same download URL as before.

Associated Twitter-post with screenshots: 
What's Up With Being Stingy With Ammo? 
Nice map, but too little ammo, at least on hard. I had to kill the Super Tank Guy with the Blaster and then I just gave up as it's not very fun using the Blaster against mobs. That aside, I really liked it. Nice detailing. 
Ammo Balance 
I played through on hard+ and didn't run out of ammo. Were you using the right weapon for the right enemy?

This map was made mostly with my playstyle in mind, and I have played this game for over 20 years now, so my familiarity with the game's mechanics might not be the same for you. 
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