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Quake Asset Artists Wanted For LibreQuake!
LibreQuake is a Quake 1 project seeking to do what OpenArena and Freedoom have already done for their respective games. That is, replace every art asset from the game so we can release it for free. This means other people will be able to play Quake community levels without having to pay for Quake! We're already well on the path to completion, but there is still a lot left to be done! (Mostly in the monster department.)

What assets we need the most (from most needed to least needed):
-Monster Animations
-Monster Skins
-Monster Models
-Sound Effects (Ambience, Monsters, Doors)
-Other Models (Such as items and projectiles.)
-Singleplayer Levels

For some more specificity, this list contains every asset in the game alongside whether it is currently being worked on by someone:

Here are some screenshots of finished/in-progress assets:

If you are interested in helping, please join our discord server!
Wasn’t openquartz this? I can’t remember the quality of the assets. Probably not as good as the work being done in the last few years by lunaran, chillo, sock, and others who have made replacement assets. 
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