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OBSIDIAN - A 4on4 Map For Quakeworld
Quakeworld hasn't had an official 4on4 map release in nearly a decade. Let's do something about that.

OBSIDIAN. A map by queen*.


A runic energy facility considered to be a failed test bed for manufacturing obsidian.

Low economy map centered around indirect positional advantages to gain a solid lead with good verticality and fast but costly rotations. Items included:
+ Quad, Ring
+ Rocket Launcher
+ Yellow Armor, Mega Health, Green Armor
+ Grenade Launcher, 2x Super Nailgun, 2x Super Shotgun
+ Large Rox, 2x Large Shells, 2x Large Spikes
+ Rox, 3x Shells, 3x Spikes
+ 10x 25 Health, 9x 15 Health

Promo 1
Promo 2

[] Map Design:
queen* ( - Geometry, Layout, Lighting
lurq ( - Lighting, Optimization, Texturing

[] Additional Work:
flintheart ( - .loc (Location File)

[] Textures:
Benjamin "Makkon" Hale (@BenjaminHale7) - Makkon1 WAD
Brett 'Mechadon' Harrell ( - CR8 WAD
John "metlslime" Fitz ( - jf_obtex WAD
Lava and Sky textures pulled from vdm10 (Unknown Source)
Texture conversions from Q2, and SOC highres packs

[] Special Thanks
BlooD_DoG, Bold Huge Crunch, C@NIP, Koala, lurq, viag, yeastiality, ZungryWare

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