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Q2SP - Ghooric Zone
Quake 2 singleplayer unit.

Built for q2pro, tested also with Yamagi.


YT Playthrough | Hard Difficulty

Played on Hard difficulty.

Quite a nice group of maps, but it's a little difficult to make a few jumps to get some very nice secrets at the beginning of the unit.

Also, I was absolutely unable to play your map using YamagiQ2 - "GL3_Upload8 : Too large" appeared, and that's all that happened. 
Also doesn't work with YamagiQ2 for me either. Same GL3_Upload8 : Too large error. Q2Pro sucks, does anyone (or ukko) have a fix for Yamagi? 
I'll work on a Yamagi fix and post here.
Could've also credited The Mighty Pete for the skybox. 
No Fix For Other Sourceports. 
There are too many errors so q2pro only for now. Perhaps future yamagi updates will work.

Many seem to dislike q2pro and can see why. I chose it for being the fastest and lightest with least amount of errors. Still had to tweak most cvars for proper gameplay feel. 
the original engine either? 
I am happy that there is a new Quake2 level (even with Juggenaut monsters!) so I installed Q2Pro exclusively for this one.

But when I start a game and load map ghooric, I spawn in a pitch black room and can't move. 
Iirc Original Engine Errored Due To Limits. 
ghooric.bsp is just the intro (shown in the screenshot) with trigger changelevel that should go straight to intermission.

If it's stuck pitch black then load 'ghooric1a' directly instead. 
and thanks. I was hoping for minor issues only instead of limit break. 
It was my fault with the pitch black room, I used "map" instead of "gamemap" command. Worked fine now.

I really like the rock brushwork in the first map, nice combination of ancient desert temple and Strogg base. Good use of textures, including that otherwordly skybox. But there should be some ambient sounds to complement the visuals, wind whispering at the cliffside and the like.

The Juggernaut monsters are a cool addition and they work well with the Quake 2 meets Quake 1 theme.

The interior sections looked good as well, but gameplay was a bit basic IMO, too much straightforward progression through corridors.

The arena battle in the end was a bit overwhelming. And that buggy feeling on sloped floors that makes you slide made it kind of annyoing.

Overall a map with great atmosphere. 
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