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Quake 2 Jumpmod Mapping Tourney
The Quake 2 jumpmod community are hosting a mapping and jump tourney, we have a prize pool of $300 that will be split evenly between the mapping and jump tournaments.

More info on the tournament webstite:

Our Discord:
Seems Interesting 
But i have some questions.

Where do we publish our maps for the contest?

The maps have to be made for this jump tournament but it does not specify what it is about. It says about the maps being for SP, but does it need some extra mod we have to take into account for our maps? is it a speedrun tournament maybe, or DM too?

Also, it says The approximate perfect time is between 20 and 60 seconds but i suppose that it refers to minutes because before that it is written They should be designed around the idea of playing them for 20-30 minutes. Could you confirm? 
maybe it's 20-30 minutes to play through the entire map pack? 
I Know 
i wanted confirmation about the first quote, if it is a misspelling or not.

The maps seem to be geared towards speedrunning as there is points for good jumps, but the text seems written for those who know the group and what they play. 
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