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Moved To The FTE Thread.
As I broke my leg very badly in february and as whole city got quarantined due to infection, I was "given" some time to mess with Quakes again. For now I left my Doom "experimentation" on back-burner.

BTW, congratz to Trenchbroom team for releasing QT port, it seems to work awesomely!

Normally I am Quakespasm Spiked user, but recently I got to compile FTEQW (finally found the compile instructions). So far it seems to work rather well, besides one most annoying glitch ever.

What is driving me insane, gameplay wise, is that when I am riding a vertical platform (or a lift) in FTEQW, whole object is "jumping" and stepping along the path like crazy (like in old Half-Life/CS, and I don't play HL/CS anymore, so I am not sure if that one got fixed, but it used to be as horrible as here). In both Quakespasm and QSS, movement of platform under player is silky smooth. Am I missing something, like some cvar or what? Is FTEQW (which seems otherwise incredibly capable) missing platform movement interpolation, or is it something else? This seems to be happening with AD as well as with Copper and vanilla.

After dissecting some mods and doodads from internet, it appears that FTEQW is indeed very powerful. Seems like good basequake to mess with, to try hack together quake-like "games". What I am always interested in most engines is skeletal model format support (due to reasons). FTEQW natively supports awesome Cube2/Sauer's IQM model format which is great. What I would really like to know, is if anybody had some luck in using IQM attachments to bind things together?

Second thing is QuakeC. It seems it moved forward quite lot, especially in FTEQW. From my initial spelunking, it seems that one can finally do "modern" C function prototypes with `funcname(args...)` which I am more used to. Does anybody knows whether FTEQW really has JITs interpreter for QuakeC code? QCJIT conditional in codebase suggests there is support for that, which sounds awesome, but maybe it's just a scaffolding for something unfinished? JIT referencing chunks of code seem rather small.

Finally how can one get hold of this demigod Spike? I guess it would be much saner and polite asking him these stupid questions privately, than to spam this forum.
AFAIK platforms are a framerate/physics issue. Try setting "cl_maxfps 72" in FTE, should behave same as QS. QSS and vkQuake have physics independent from framerate.

Can't help much with IQM/QC. 
the only thing that bothers me with FTEQW is the huge amount of unused code everywhere, tons of conditionals like that one you mentioned and, well, just cruft. It feels like a lab experiment. An awesome one, but kind of messy to base your stuff on.

I highly recommend using QSS. It feels leaner and has all the goodies from FTEQW without the cruft.

Another interesting base is this:

i think that's Spike's attempt at a minimal engine 
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