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Quake April Fools Mega Jokemap Extravaganza Incorporated (Jokejam)
A pack of twelve maps all with the goal of making you laugh. These maps take themselves less seriously than most of the maps that are released, so hopefully this pack is a breath of fresh air!

A Quick Detour by starshipwaters
Bedtime Story with Snakeman by Nolcoz
Burgertown by Markie Music
coulrophobopolis by zigi
Dungeon of Dickery by BoxFigs
Hangar-Over by Greenwood
Planet of the Crates by Greenwood
PROGGER by omni
Q Mart by Pinchy
Quarter Dead 0.5 by Scampi
Silly Race by quasiotter
Writing's on the Wall by Artistical

promo image:

Google Drive Download:

Quaketastic Download:

Sorry for the large download size. This pack has a lot of custom content :)
This Is... 
Ridiculous. Thanks too all mappers for contributing to this :P Definitely put a smile on my face. "Bedtime Story" and "Burgertown" were especially fun. 
Haha I had loads of fun, thanks guys 
starshipwaters: oh that was super neat! i didn't expect anything like that. i'm really impressed with how you did everything: i can't think of a single way to improve it. short and sweet.

nolcoz: incredible. just totally nailed it. i really love "what if he falls off?" on the third time, bahaha. great voiceovers, nice use of the space, humour is pretty awesome (although i could have done without the lovecraft thingy... yikes). this is the kind of stuff i want to see in quake... i'm actually going to be doing interactive fiction within the next couple of months, so this was very inspiring. but definitely i have no plans on ever living up to this lol

markie music: lol i love the brushwork here, pretty funny and nice use of textures. it's good to have a butt sometimes. love the "bad" clipping and doors and such. fart noises gross me out so congrats, lol. idk what's the correlation with sandy petersen and burgers though?? is it a dis?? i hope not i love sandy lol

zigi: terrible. i mean, the level design was wonderful and surprising and a total blast, and the ammo textures were awesome, and the colours were neat, but... but the clowns ruined it. i hate clowns. lol.

boxfigs: that was pretty cool. i'm really really glad you didn't go full-on kaizo in a bad way - it was tolerable kind of tricks. i really liked that i was expecting things to happen, but no idea what.

greenwood: hanger-over: i loved and hated it. super funny and awful, really great choice of music, idk why but it was. the effect was neat and really did mess me up more than i thought it would. it does help that the layout is familiar. crates: this was a trip. loved the concept. the first time i realized what the enemies were i just laughed and dreaded the rest of the map at the same time. idk why there are regular enemies at the end, and i'm ambivalent about their inclusion. but i will always love this.

omni: omg the last room, holy cow lol. that was some pretty fun gameplay! surprisingly i enjoyed it, i usually dislike frogger a lot, but it worked well here. it took me a minute to realize i had to grab the key from the middle more than once, but i do tend to miss pretty obvious clues, lol.

pinchy: love it! love how bright it is, love the open layout a bit (something i wish i saw a bit more of). loved the panic room idea, even though i missed it the first time, ha. not much else to say except the gameplay was a lot of fun and i'll be playing this more than once.

scampi: wow, wow, wow, that was really nuts. i've played hl2 a couple times and knowing what was translated was a trip. amazing recreation. i played the hl2: classic ( where hl2 is being ported to goldsource, and it was really funny to see it demade. however, with this, i was just astounded. i didn't think something like this was possible. congrats

quasiotter: that's me. i wrote a postmortem at

artistical: i was checking the walls for the first two hallways and then i just decided to finish it. had no idea it would be that long lol. i had to god the shamblers (i'm okay-not-consistent at the shambler dance) but otherwise it was pretty tense not knowing what was next. i loved the anticipation of, "oh, what nnow?" when i saw the end message i was like... where was the writing? didn't realize it was gonna be outside, haha. clever. 
Thanks! Good to know you found it funny and also kinda inspiring somehow. Also sorry if the Lovecraft thing made you uncomfortable. 
Deeply Satisfying 
On the other hand, i am always enjoying the bizarre and unconventional things the most :D

I especialy love how the maps go "out of the box".
Quake turned inside out, one could say.
Very enjoyable.

On the other hand i'm sad that i missed the opportunity to participate.
A lack of creativity on my side.
But the next April will come :D 
April Fools 
The clown one is perfect. It's just a normal quake level with clown noises, revealing that we are all the clowns. 
Glad you liked it! 🤡 
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