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Io. Lava Cleaning Base. - New QSP By Asl.
Here's map from the new mapper Asl. Expect tons of secrets, fun gameplay on the low health and overall good map for the debut.

Screen1 Screen2 Screen3

Pretty architecture. 
Looks Good 
I was expecting something with irregular quality and lots of eye candy but that seems solid. 
Decent Romp 
Maybe a bit on the easy side on skill 3, most of the areas could have used more enemies as they felt kinda empty, particularly the large outdoor area with the pipes. Only part that sort of got me was the end with the shamblers, although I kinda cheesed it.

And there's certainly an abundance of secrets, I looked quite carefully and still only managed to find about half. The positioning of the quads could have been better as the first ten-fifteen seconds of most of my runs were spent searching for the nearest enemies, and then I only encountered a few at a time.

Aesthetically it reminded me of the classic late 90's era of maps, in a good way - made me feel slightly nostalgic. The pipe constructions in the outdoor area were neat, if perhaps a bit jarring juxtaposed to the otherwise low-def architecture. The layout and flow of the map was logical, and I always appreciate slopes and ramps used for progression as it makes for some fun jumping maneuvers. Goes to show that maps don't necessarily need to be massively detailed behemoths to be entertaining.

Overall a pretty decent map, and certainly good for a first release, but it would have been even better if it wasn't so sparsely populated.

Link to playthrough

Spent some time at the end unsuccessfully searching for the hidden rune buttons. 
Nice Debut! 
This map was a LOT bigger than I expected for a first release! It has a solid construction, with nice mechanics and good brushwork. It wasn't clear to me at first that the rune hunt at the end was optional. I spent some time tracking down some vores and shamblers, but then finally gave up and exited the map with about 95% killed. Missed a ton of secrets.

Overall, I found it quite entertaining! Having additional explorative play as an option was a nice feature. Good job! 
Nice first release. Solid gameplay, nice chunky build although symmetry in a few places is a bit too blatant. There's even an alternate exit to a (future?) secret level. Small hint about the rune hunt: 3 have the same mechanic, one requires a powerup that's a nearby secret. Once you get the idea it's pretty automatic. 
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