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The Darkstone Halls (jp1m1) - Single Player Map
Hi, here's my Quake 1 single player map - "The Darkstone Halls" (jp1m1.bsp). Finally decided to post it here, thanks to Greenwood :)
There will be two more coming.

Map is metal-themed (Episode 3 style), medium difficulty, over 100 enemies and all vanilla Q1 weapons. Takes around 20-25min to complete. More info in readme.



Playtested by Greenwood and Patrol (twitch: patrol1985) - thanks!
Some good work here! Nice wizard-themed vanilla-style monster mashing.

For a little while after starting it up I was thinking hmm, pretty polished look -- nice chunky proportions, good texturing -- seems like it will be linear and a little room-and-hall-ish though. But then it opened up more with weirder spaces, a smidge of multipathing, bigger rooms and fights... a good progression.

I think it's maybe a little too fond of buttons? :-) That's a minor complaint though. One other interesting thing that occurred to me was that it was a light on shotgun ammo (skill 2) but very generous with rockets and shells, which was actually kind of nice in encouraging more rampage rushes and less shotgun-plinking.

Welcome to Quake SP mapping, you're off to a good start! 
* above should read "with rockets and cells" 
hah, it may be something related to preferred playstyla... i usually treat shotgun as a 'last resort' weapon and tend to use the better ammos when I have them. but i noticed now in a lot of cases when people are playing, they are conserving the better stuff, and using shotgun whenever possible :) and I recall specifically going through this map entities once and replacing a couple of item_shells with nails & cells, because I thought there's too many :)

Thanks for the feedback! 
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