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Q1SP: Keeper Of The Hell Gate - My First Map!
Hello everyone, I released my first map ever about a week ago and didn't really knew posting here in func_msgboard about the map was a thing, so yeah, this is the post!

It's a medium-sized runic map where I tried to follow vanilla style for the most part (although the map uses progs_dump, it's more for utility reasons).

Anyway, I hope you have fun and I'm already absorbing the feedback from this great community to improve on my next endeavors! Thanks!

Quaddicted page:

very nice ideas in this map - the central area with the "guardian", and going around it to collect various triggers, feels very gratifying. had a lot of fun playing it :) 
Good First Map 
playthrough on skill 3 
Good stuff. A fun spin on original-id-style runic.

The varied little traps and puzzles along the way did a great job of giving a feeling that you were in a hostile place, while still keeping things playable. The opening elevator ride signposts how things are going to be -- if you were expecting a "normal" Quake combat/exploration experience the first reaction is "WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT" and the second reaction is "Ohhh I see how it is". I love that!

Make more maps my dude. 
Oh yeah and custom music is always a pleasure. 
Sorry I missed this map when it was released. I know Twitchy posted it to the Quake Mapping Discord but I think I was slammed at work that week.

Just happened upon it today here and noticed you used progs_dump! Really fun runic map with nice atmosphere and some tense combat. I died quite a bit but enjoyed it a lot. I echo Joel's comment about the music. That was a nice bonus!

The central elevator set piece was very cool. Nice work. I hope you make more maps! 
Played It On The Quake Grave

I echo most of what everyone else is saying, which is, amazing work making this very id feeling map! However, the map also has it's own feel to it as well, it definitely feels like it has an identity of its own. This map has traps, lots of great enemy encounters and not to mention the unique shambler elevator ride that I haven't seen done before. I also want to commend you for your secret placement and clues to find them. Nice job! 
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