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AD SP: Un Lugar Otro Que El Cielo...
Arcane dimensions map with ikwhite texture set and some non-linearity. I basically stoped working on this about half a year ago and I decided to finally finish it.

Anyway here is the download link:


So anyway, here is some lore:
En lo más remoto de los confines del universo, yace un templo en el que lo único que podría reconocerse como natural son las nubes en las que se esconde y el sol, que es el único testigo de su existencia. Un lugar que solo unos pocos entes vivientes han podido presenciar con sus propios ojos y solo se podría describir como el cielo mismo, pero al mismo tiempo hay algo de su naturaleza que no es aparente al principio. Algo que se podría describir como… Un lugar otro que el cielo.
Skill 2 demos
Intentionally or not, the pauses between encounters give the hub a certain serene feeling that fits the overall mood.

Curious what the issue with vkQuake is. I've only read the nonspecific warning here before playing, the readme mentions some fog problems? I encountered no obvious issues. 
Oh you didnt find problems? The only people that had problems with fog used vkQuake so, yeah I am not really sure what caused the problem 
No problems, no. Though I am using a slightly more recent customized build. I tried loading the map with the latest stable release but I don't even know what I should be looking for.

By the way, the "sky" in the netherworld does not look good with nearest filtering. I get the reasoning behind it, but I think a uniform color would have been better. 
I've made a playthrough on YouTube :

You may probably see that the hell's sky is kinda weird, but actually... I find that's it's a neat effect. 
That was a really great map with fun combat and a very special atmosphere. 
So few comments on this one, but I guess there's been quite a few released lately. Great use of ikwhite textures, I always love space maps but this one had some special tricks to it (being teleported to a different area when you fall into the void is a great touch). The water section was my favorite--I don't think I've seen anything like it in a Quake map, fighting flying enemies from within a semi-enclosed floating waterway.

Great stuff, I only wish it was longer and more elaborated. 
Muy Bueno 
i know a little spanish from my mom, school, and help with google translate... hope this makes sense.

la primera seccion esta asi asi, pero el templo de cielo esta muy bonito. me gusta guero texturas mucho, y la arquetectura esta misteriosa. el juego esta mas facil y previsable, pero me contento. muchas gracias. 
Here's How To Make This Map Look Like True Heaven 
gamma 1
contrast 2 
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