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Sinister Cistern (SP ID1 Quake Map)
My newest Quake map available for download now!

This is a speed map I built over the weekend. I made custom textures using Substance.
bumping because it seems like nobody saw this post 
Already Played It... 
...and my demo was sent to the author !
It's a cool speedmap ! 
skill 3 playthrough 
Decided to speedrun the map as well because why not.

Tribal, i did not notice this one, and thanks, ChrisHolden for this small map. It was enjoyable.

Here there is a demo for you.

It has a speedmap feeling all around, with good reuse of brushwork while keeping it fresh.

On the matter of the gameplay, was fun, but the enemies were too close to each other, so they woke up at once before entering in the room and rushed to the entrance so there was no way to get into it. The first wave of shamblers was too much without an stronger weapon or more cover. Lighting is ok but could be a bit brighter. 
By the way, are you planning on releasing that texture set? Sounds interesting, and seems that it could work well with knave or even ikwhite. 
skill 3 66/66 6/6 demo

Fun and well built. The reused space does make the level feel larger than it is. The architectural motifs on the walls, lava floors, and vaulted ceilings convey a sense of polish despite the fact that the rooms themselves are rather boxy. A lot of monster types, with vores of course giving me a lot of trouble on skill 3. I had to backtrack from the final fight with the quad because I would have died to vore balls and then had to deal with two more shamblers without quad (and I'm not good at the shambler dance). I only found 2/6 secrets initially, but finding the rest showed how rather easy they all were. I think 4/6 were just behind stairwells? 
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