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Quake Builder Community Blockout #1 Is Released
Here it is, the results from the first Quake Builder Community Blockout project!

13 mappers have submitted their take on a bare block layout that was provided to them, ranging wildly in art and gameplay design.



Onedrive Mirror:!AlF79qys-TaXh7xOijMZZlN8hk1rOw?e=YMK12z
Extra Map 
The Onedrive mirror contains an additional map 
If you put the newer version on quaketastic, I can update the OP to link to the new file. 
Here's a new quaketastic upload: 
It Is 
interesting that from what i have seen mappers have chosen to keep very low the changes on size, scale and shape of the rooms to the point that changes in layout are a bit more common even though we were completely free to change all but the layout.

By the way, i cannot get Artistical's map to work, as it reports some errors when i try to, like missing textures and that the limit on leafs is too high even for an engine with extended limits.

I suppose i will have demos for the rest tomorrow. 

I finally got to play them all. It is an interesting pack, with several interesting layouts and setups, but unfortunately there was some unplayable ones and others which seem that weren't tested. 
made some demos for this pack too:

A pity there is no more demos around.

Seems that Artistical's map was playable with some engines, in the end. 
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