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Q1 SP: Hushed Walls (hush.bsp)
Here is my first Quake map, a short vanilla style with a Terracotta theme, easy to hard difficulty 38 enemies on easy, 48 on normal and 67 on hard, 3 secrets, playtime around 5 minutes.



Playtested by Tails
Playthrough Recorded 
nice gameplay, good idea with upper & lower level - I liked the lower section better, found the terracotta part lit too brightly for my taste :) one shambler got stuck in the door, maybe due to non-vanilla models I use (they might have a bigger bounding box). Overally, i had fun! Check out the vid here: 
Nice Debut! 
This was a fun little map. I actually found all the secrets! Some neat brushwork and decent battles. Here is my leisurely played demo (I was scoping out the build & details). Good job! 
Good Fun 
Thanks for this little gem. I played through on hard, found 3/3 secrets. The amount of ammo was perfect, and I liked those sneaky secrets. Looking forward to more of your work :) 
More Than Nice 
I downloaded without first checking that this was a first map and enjoyed it very much, I was very impressed when I came back to post this comment. Excellent work, I had a lot of fun with the encounters :) 
Nice Old School Map 
A short and sweet '96 style map that feels like one of the better ones from back in the day.

A very nice transition to the dimly lit basement part in the second half of the map. Good work.

Demo here: 
Played It On The Quake Grave

This is a quick and fun map that is a big throwback to maps from the days of Quake yore. Nice job! 
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