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Escape From Quakertraz (SP Q1 Map)
hey guys,
Here is my new Q1 single player map "Escape from Quakertraz"

It's a lot of fun to play. Give it a whirl :)


There are screenshot is the .zip to give you an idea of whats install :)
Packed Full Of Little Brushwork Details 
Played your map & I thought it was pretty neat! You did a great job building little details in geometry and made clever use of textures.

A really interesting and unusual first map! 
Here i have a demo of your map, so you can see how others play it. It is a first time playthrough.

As you had issues opening the demos, i recommend you to check first the message we and metslime left you on the ''Betas and screenshots'' thread.

This is not exactly the same as i wrote on the other thread. I also played it again to check about the envirosuit you mentioned and discovered the remaining secrets.

I liked it: it has some good looks and lighting, and plenty of ideas added and detail to it. The combats are not tedious or unfair, the zombies were well used, the buttons are well marked and the secrets are well done. It is also good to see that you put the effort so the map does not require any special engine or mod.

On the other side, it seems that you put too much attention on adding detail and not on detailing the map itself: Putting more work on making the rooms' general brushwork and composition, combats and layout themselves and making them more detailed and varied would have worked better than adding details to simple rooms.
- The combat are a bit too straightforward and need some surprise or ambush, or just use more the T intersections to throw enemies to the player from both sides.
- Some more variety in scale of the rooms. Size is good that way.
- You forgot to set the music track. Any number between 02 and 11 works.
- The way to the NG is probably too hard, save for speedrunners. As you set it up to make lots of damage it needs also a green armour or megahealth with the NG, at least on skill 0 and 1, and make the pipe on diagonal a bit bigger.
You need to give also a clue to the player that the slime is so harmful. Maybe a message and use another slime texture.
The envirosuit is a good thing, but as you put the slime part so it is possible to do it without it no one will search for the envirosuit as it is a well hidden secret. I advice you to choose one or the other.
- Some doors need to be set up so they last longer open or stay open (wait -1 on the editor). For example, on the start map, as the player cannot hear what the door opened from there and the door itself has no message indicating that it can be opened later, it is hard to guess it is related to the beginning, even more as that side room resembles the narrow gaps on SoA expansion pack's start map.
- Some doors are a bit hard to navigate and would need some clip brushes, like the one for the kitchen.
-It is too easy, save for the NG part. What you have for skill 2-3 should be for skill 1 instead. I would recommend to spice up the encounters on skill 2 (for example teleport the scrags on the bridge to the side of the player instead) or to set them up so the enemies do not aggro till the player is inside the rooms. The number of enemies is god for the size of the map.
- Should be harder as the map goes on, but gets easier.
The second explobox is not on a place where the enemies will be on skill 2 even if luring them. The first explobox i suppose it is to lure the zombies on it. 
for Quaddicted you should reupload the file on something a bit better, like Quaketastic, and edit your post there. For future releases, keep in mind that thread on Quaddicted is for those cases when Spirit does not notice the releases here for more than a week, not for submitting maps.

I noticed that you made the readme file based on other mapper's, but be careful as you left some mentions to the map you borrowed the text file from. :)

And i do not get why you put the .psd file for one of the screenshots instead of a image file. It is also 3/4 of the size of the pack, which it is also further strange that the map files themselves are only 10% of its filesize. I would recommend you to change that fast and update the file you submitted to Quaddicted before Spirit notices, as Quaddicted does not handle multiple versions of a map. 
Thanks Cocerello,
I'm still learning all the ins and outs about uploading maps and stuff. My next release will hopefully be a lot cleaner than this has been lol

thank you for your help 
I have updatedthe .zip. So anyone downloading it in the future will get the updated and smaller zip folder excluding all the screenshots and extra crap :) 
Quaketastic Link 
Here's the Quaketastic link to the map rather than the Gdrive, for those who would prefer it :)

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