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Q1SP: Malvirta Station
A base space station, riddled with traps and ambushes.
"Infiltrate, exterminate, and evacuate!"

This is the vanilla version of my submission for SM209: Traps!
Due to its positive reception, I figured a vanilla version would be cool
for those who might wish to try it with Copper, Quake 1.5, or simply
play it old school :)


Skill 1 Demo Incoming 
Usually i play at skill 2 but forgot to change it.

It is a pretty solid map, which seems that was tested, nothing like an speedmap.The rooms have personality, the lighting is good, and encounters are varied and interesting. The quantity and placement of ammo, armour and health is good. The traps were well planned and varied.

On the other side, there was some spikes in difficulty, and was probably too hard for skill 1, overall. Also some of the encounters had some catwalks or restricted movement that made almost inevitable to get some damage. Moving around some health packs would be good.
The shamblers where were placed did not provide an interesting encounter, as one could not get out of its closet and the other was of the typical hide and shoot repeatedly variety. The first could work better with a trigger_monsterjump and wider catwalks.
The falling ceiling could probably work being a bit slower, same as the trap on the same room with the items, as i survived that one by instinct and chance, as i jumped without realizing the floor moving.
The daemon ambush was well planned, but i think would be better for skill 1 to put two daemons instead. Also, i do not know if it is intended, but as the lighting was flatter at that part, it was harder to see them and got several hits due to that.
I think the door on the upper part of the room with the daemon's ambush could be more obvious, as i was almost going back to the previous room till i noticed the button by chance.
I think it would be good to have added an ammo pack and make the soldiers aggro later on the curved stairs, so the ogres can shoot the player's back.

Good map! 
Very challange map fun top play, warning at that lava trap might help :)

thanks for the fun blast 
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