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Q1SP Ebon Fortress Remix
Spent some time over the weekend making e2m4remix in celebration of Quake's 24th Birthday. Based on the original map source by John Romero, this features small gameplay tweaks and a re-lit world thanks to ericw's tools. It's not a massive overhaul, but I had a blast doing it. I hope you enjoy this small birthday gift to the community! screenshots Uses progs_dump 1.1.2 and features custom music.
Good job, good fun. :-) e2m4-5 (or maybe e2m3-4-5) is one of my favorite sections of the original campaign.

Skill 2 is nicely cranked up here compared to the original. I ended up with 4/5 secrets and a spare silver key. I also never found a way in to visit the ranger-body visible at the start, not sure if that was a secret or just decor. 
That was really cool! Indeed skill 2 is quite a bit more challenging compared to the original. I especially enjoyed the surprise at the very end. 
Nice To Revisit This Old Friend! 
At first I wanted to play through the original level, which I hadn't done in sometime, to better compare it with your remix. But the difficulty of the no-weapon start led me to difficulty, especially on skill 2, so I decided to jump straight to your work.

It was a lovely way to revisit the original, with some extras thrown in (or just details I'd forgotten?). Either way, an excellent challenge on skill 2, especially the start. Managed all kills and found all secrets.

In an interview, I remember Shambler saying he'd love to see more remixes of original levels, and this is the reason why. Thanks for the work. I'm singing happy birthday with you ;) 
Haha Joel 
I had meant to remove the silver key with a trigger_usekey. Now I know what I was trying to remember early this morning! The Ranger was going to show off a new feature of progs_dump but I had some issues getting into work. So just decoration.

@Quakefreak thanks!

@nxathos I agree about wanting more remixes. I might do another later this year and spend more time on it. 
Good Stuff!!!! 
Hell to the yeah! Wow to the woe! Good work here; check out my playthru! 
Gold Key? 
Maybe I went through the map in a hurry but I didn't get the point of the gold key, apart from opening one door to a nearly empty room.

Thanks for the remix anyway, it was nice going through a variant of that map again! 
Ask John Romero! 
It's intentional.

In the original and this one, the gold key is optional. I just made the room a bit bigger.

Due to a goof on my part, the silver key is optional too! 
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