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Q1compile - GUI For Compiling Quake 1 Maps
Hi everyone,

I wrote my own little map compiling GUI with some features I've always had an itch for:

- Saving and loading different configurations so you can quickly change between different setups or mods.
- Automatically compiling the map when you save in the editor, so you can just Alt+Tab to the tool, hit Ctrl+R and launch the map. This is completely optional.
- Saving/loading of presets for ericw's tools. So you can quickly toggle things like -fast or -extra4, etc... It comes with some built-in presets as well.

The tool is open-source and is MIT licensed, so please feel free to contribute with issues, feature requests or code.

Source code:

Download link:

I'll keep this thread updated for future releases.

Version 0.4 of q1compile is released:

* Improved documentation.
* Added ability to enable/disable quake engine output.
* Changed location of user preferences to application directory. 
I Was Interested To See How... 
... you coded the UI. As I myself completed about 90% of a map compile UI.

I'm an OS hold out still using Win7 and... I ran into missing .dll errors. First was "D3Dcompiler_47.dll" then there was some "INPUT1" dll and followed up with some other dll with extremely long name.

For such a simple app, functionality wise not feature wise, no idea why it'd have so many OS dll dependencies?

Anyway, all I'm saying is that I was just kinda sad I didn't get to see it. Good luck with the project. 
Yeah, from this last release I learned that Win7 users are having problems to launch the app.

This GUI was born just as a weekend programming project really, so I just used what I was familiar with, which is the Dear ImGui framework (

It's a framework mainly focused on Debug UIs for games, because of that it's drawing process is similar to a game rendering process, and it requires a graphics API to be available. I'm currently using DirectX 11 but fortunately the framework is API-agnostic and I'll see if I can move to an older API to solve these issues, so I hope to release a bugfix version for Win7 users very soon.

Thanks for the feedback, good luck with your project as well. 
Windows 7 Missing Dlls 
You just need to update your DirectX runtimes. 
Will Not Launch On Windows 10 
No error, just simply does not launch. 
have you considered using nana or libui? 
Okay I moved to DirectX 9 and tested it so it should work in Windows 7 now without problems:

The only requirement (besides DX 9) is the latest Visual C++ Redistributable (2015-2019) which you can get here:

@fw I'm sorry it didn't work, please try this last version and see if it helps, let me know if you encounter any further errors.

@misc_ftl Not really, as I said I just grabbed what I'm used to use and made this app really quickly mainly to scratch my own itch, plus I really like Dear ImGui's default look and feel. 
YEEP, it loads, and works, effortlessly now, gj. 
q1compile v0.5 is released!

- Automatically compile your map when saving in the editor.
- Recompile only what is actually needed, depending on what you changed in the map.
- More fixes and features in the release notes... 
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