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Q1SP: A Quick Trip To The Old World
Started originally as a speedmap inspired by a Twitter poll, however after a hard disk crash I decided to re-create it from the ground up at 2am in the morning after not being able to sleep.
The map entirely fits within 768 dimensions on the X and Y axis, the Z axis however is unlimited.

.map is included, as well as an optional download of demos. These demos function as a showcase of how to obtain all kills and secrets, as well as a challenge to players who want to go that extra mile and beat them.

Demo Files
Fw Finally Releases A Map?!? 
Here's a demo:

Definitely a speedmap, but without any rough edges, and some deliciously inventive progression to boot.

Almost spot on early Elder World vibe too, kind of wish it was actually less neat and polished, and instead rougher and weirder.

Pretty tough secrets too, I only managed 50%.

Nice one, you fleeced fuccboi. 
Cool Little Map! 
This is a neat little map. I only got 2 out of the 4 secrets, but it's such fun, quick blast to play through that I'll surely go back to again and inspect it further.

No complaints here. I look forward to more insomnia driven releases. :) 
Very nice bite-sized map. It's so depressing seeing someone churn out in a couple of hours what would take me months to create!

*Some spoilers below*

Found all 4 secrets easily, but somewhat ironically got really stuck on how to progress at the very beginning, when I was told the find the dagger. I understood what I had to do, but could not seem to find any means of actually proceeding. Found the first two secrets in the mean time and had a Quad Damage run out completely before figuring out what I needed to do: turns out I had been confusing the lift I had to get on to proceed with the visually identical one I had already ridden on after killing the two Death Knights at the start.

Apart from that one hiccup, I found progression interesting and fun and construction neat and very polished; the sole the exception (as far I could see) being the dagger button, which slides downward instead of receding into the wall. Maybe that's by design, but it looked a little sloppy.

Oh, and naming the text file "dont_readme" may be cute and funny, but please give bsps and accompanying text files the same name. :P 
Thanks, Y'all! 
Cheers for the kind words. I kept the secrets tough and the gameplay tight so that people had a reason to return.
In terms of the visuals, the map was actually intended to be a bit of a celebration of all of episode 4's themes, but I couldn't get them to work cohesively given the time frame. I made an entire azure agony styled blue brick area, but that got scrapped as I rounded into 6am and wanted to just sleep!

Hopefully in the future there's less, but I feel like there could be some more insomnia driven maps, or maybe even a map set!

Hah, I completely didn't realize I left my jokey prelim readme name in the actual release, my bad!
In regards to navigation, after shipping I definitely had a bunch of demo files come in of people not understanding the lifts, and it makes me wish that the beginning of the map had the Hell Knight's lowering down on the platforms, as opposed to simply beginning on the already lowered ones. In my head, the visual identicality of the platform would have signaled it was a usable platform, but i understand the confusion now.
As for the Dagger, I feel like I recall the dagger sliding down in PuLSaR's Episode 4 tribute, so I must have had that on the mind when making that.
Also, try not to be too discouraged by the speed at which I was able to push this one out, I already had the layout semi-constructed from before the disk crash, so I was going off of memory for about 3hrs of it's creation :) 'Real' build time was more 7-8hours, all things considered. 
Man this was fun. It's pretty refreshing to start a map and see 31 kills rather than 790 or whatever. :-) Good knife-fight of a map. 
My Playthrough On Youtube 
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