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Coppertone Summer Jam 2020
A Quake map pack for the Copper mod. Sixteen hot and fresh levels (plus a start map) by Artistical, Comrade Beep, doom_pope, Greenwood, Grome, H4724, Ionous, JCR, Juzley, Lunaran, Markie, Newhouse, Pinchy, PoolboyQ, Quasiotter, Shadesmaster, and even RadiatorYang.

Download from
Requisite Poster
Looking Forward To This 
I can tell from the poster that this will be a great jam! I thank all the talented map designers out there for keeping this classic alive. You guys are the best! 
Quick comments on Grome's map. Super good little jam-style map for a couple of specific reasons:

- Not overly detailed, but a good color palette and interestingly-shaped spaces to explore and fight in. That's a time-efficient way to get a good look 'n feel.

- The "burny sunlight" is a neat gimmick that immediately stamps some memorable character on the map. And it's not overused, in fact I think it could have been used a bit more. I loved that it also affected the monsters!

Also thumbs up for not over-relying on the thing where a bunch of monsters spawn in around the player when they touch something or reach a certain spot. When that's overused it can give the combat gameplay in a map a really annoying rhythm.

The map did use some spawn-in surprises in a couple of spots, particularly in the last big fight, but I think they were handled well in that they appeared in certain interesting spots around the arena a good distance from the player.


Anyway it was fun to get back into some Copper. Was it my imagination or were Ogres rapid-firing more than in vanilla (skill 2)?

I noticed a couple of spots where Copper's increased spread on the SNG actually did affect my decision on whether to use it. I think the tradeoff might be a little more noticeable with Copper enforcers, since they tend to stand still which would normally make them a more tasty SNG target even when modestly far away. 
In general I think it would be cool to hear from some of the mappers if they arranged some monsters or spaces differently because of Copper.

I do think I'm noticing more of a willingness to dump a lot of vores on you. :-) 
h4724's map is a cool close-quarters puzzle box thing. I really like this particular style (especially in this texture theme) and it feels quite old-school in a good way,

The final fight was fun -- figuring out how to tackle that, working around in the spaces I'd already been over and through a few times. And never quite safe from pressure. It seemed quite well-tuned on skill 2. The mid-fight "gift" was pretty neat too; obviously I'd been wondering what was going to happen with that thing. :-)

FYI I did get the end gate open at 44/45 kills, and as I was about to leave I heard the shambler lightning sound. Dunno if one of the shams fell out of the map somewhere, or if there was one in a secret that I didn't find. 
Only played Markie's Grim Gallows so far and it is excellent. Beautiful with fun combat right from the start. 
ctsj_doom_pope map:
There’s no way back to the 2-nd floor and GK door area after jump off the bridge down or to double secret area. Elevator platform hides shutable button.

Markie's map is fantastic! 
Markie's Map 
This map is incredibly awesome!

Is there a way to play it as a normal default map, or maybe with AD?

I would like to extract it from the mod and play it with all my other maps. It would give the map a second (and third) life... 
Demesne Of Sorrows 
I just now was watching JCR's playthrough of his own (awesome) map, and he showed off a secret that -- let's say -- gives you a different view and ambience. I missed that on my play. Love it! It is a very cool break and also helps re-sell the mood of the main map when you go back in.

Interesting point about Copper allowing you to change the fog color to set different moods in different areas. More maps should experiment with brief "breakouts", and maybe not so well-hidden. :-) 
Video Playthroughs
(me, h7424, Artistical, PoolboyQ)
(shades, RadiatorYang, Pinchy, MarkieMusic, Newhouse)
(Lunarlan, Greenwood, Juz, JCR)
(doom_pope, grome, Ionous) 
Revisiting the pack I'm sort of awestruck by JCR's map. Everything about it is brilliant, from the weird opening. Lots of secrets left to find so I'll play it a couple of more times before watching JCR's own playthrough.

Lunaran's map is also fun. A cool idea well executed. 
Jcr - 
- except the gameplay. Nice day to die. Or hit the 'g' button. Probably ok if you have more patience than me, and definitely totally amazing. Cheers mate.

radiatoryang - Robert, what's wrong with you!? The sun is shining ? Great, fun map:). And that big key on the door, laugh. Thanks 
Say Dismal Omelette 
I really like Juz's The Dismal Omelette. Well-built, old school with modern twists, neat ideas, quite hard on nightmare, but in a good way. Plus nice secrets (the two I found). Good stuff. 
Grim Gallows 
Replayed Markie's Grim Gallows on Nightmare and it's perhaps my favourite map this year (or at least one of them - it has been a good year). Amazingly beautiful, lots of surprises, some really cool fights. Just brilliant. 
Haven't played that map pack yet but it will be next on my list.
Right now on a Copper Nightmare Trip through original Quake. 
Thanks man!! :D 
ctsj_markie (slaughter), ctsj_jcr (exploration), ctsj_poolboyq (atmosphere/immersion), ctsj_radiatoryang (artistic beauty), ctsj_lunaran (mechanics/gimmicks) are the ones that I recall after playthrough. Other are not so memorable. 
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