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AD SP: The Battery (ad_jpqm5)
Hi, here's a new Quake 1 SP map for Arcane Dimensions - "The Battery" (ad_jpqm5.bsp).
Requires the AD mod and a source port that supports bsp2 format (increased limits). QSS works best.

- "base" setting (sort-of Q2 feel to it)
- takes advantage of AD base monster variety, new weapons and special effects!
- 5 secrets, 187 enemies on normal & hard (less on easy), playtime around 20 min



Excellent Job On Your First AD Map! 
Good use of the resources in Arcane Dimensions. Nice attention to detail and enjoyable gameplay. I highly recommend it to folks who like a good Base map! 
jpal is still killing it I see. :-) I just fired this one up for a quick peek since I didn't have much Quake-ing time left, and got pulled along through the first 30 or 40 kills in a snap. Will be back for more later.

BTW it's pretty neat jumping back into AD after soaking in Copper for a while. From "purist" to "maximalist" and both are nifty. 
Another Fun Map! 
Just played this, really enjoyed it. Only found a couple secrets, and that motivates me to play again. Not gonna lie, I was confused in a couple places, as there are lots of buttons to press and reactors (?) to destroy. It will take a while, I think, for the average player to grasp the idea of looking for the reactors, but besides that, super map. The moment when you step outside reminded me of Quake 2, a pleasant shift of scenery. 
great map, awesome arquitecture, lights the quad secret near end was a fun run :) 
Good Stuff / Missing Sound? 
Enjoyable fun map. On clean install of AD 1.70P1 loading this gives out an error however:

Couldn't load sound/ambience/tornadosiren.wav

I think the zip is missing a sound file that I assume is triggered when firing guns or destroying generators? 
Yeah, it's simply missing. You can grab it from Beep's AD map though:

That's also a nice Base map for AD. Install that & it'll fix that minor issue and you'll have another cool map to play! 
That's a good one 
Went back and finished this one; didn't disappoint. Excellent example of how to do a "switch hunt"... as far as I know the sequence was necessarily pretty linear but it still felt like I was exploring around and finding goals.

Good fun variations in the base-environment layouts and the appearance/behavior of the buttons and breakables needed to progress. I can see the Q2 feel you mentioned!

One kind of weird thing was that I built up a lot of nail ammo without a weapon for quite a while, so maybe I missed an early NG. So other ammo ran low and that made for some weird fights e.g. trying to lure grenade-grunts to walk over grenades. When I finally did get the SNG that was a real you-assholes-are-in-for-it-now moment. :-) Overall the combat felt tuned well on skill 2; got me down to low health & ammo multiple times. 
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