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Doom Tintin Jam
Quake Mapping Jam using Doom 3 textures converted and recolored by Tintin.


Summary of textures in WAD

This is a texture focused Jam. Each map must use at least one of the Doom 3 textures as converted and recolored by @Tintin. Other textures may be used as needed. Arcane Dimensions will be used as well to give mappers all the tools they need, including an expanded set of base monsters.

If you need fixes or updates to the WAD then feel free to contact me on Discord. Doesn't include skies or water (apart from 1 lava).

A good example of the Doomtintin.wad in action is Comrade Beep's map from a few months ago that used some of the coloured wall variants. Great map for some inspiration:
The Lima Project by Comrade Beep on
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

TEXTURES: Doomtintin.wad (Other textures can be used to supplement)
Download ->

START: Wednesday July 22 05:00 PM UTC
DEADLINE: Wednesday August 4 05:00 PM UTC
PROGS : Arcane Dimensions 1.7 Patch 1

SUBMISSIONS: Email to citizenhal[AT]gmail[DOT]com or message @ Tintin#7827 on Discord

NAMING: dtintin_author
DISCUSSION: #doom-tintin-jam
JAM ORGANIZER: @Tintin (Assistance by @Comrade Beep )
That's an exhaustive wad if I ever saw one. 
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