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Slip & Frag - Early Release For Oculus Quest
I'd like to invite you owners of an Oculus Quest to test an early release of my engine, Slip & Frag, and to comment on it:

As per Oculus instructions, your Quest needs to be in Developer mode to accept the app. Once it is configured in Developer mode, you should be able to use SideQuest to install the app:

(you can also use adb, if you know your way around Android dev tools).

Once the app is installed, be sure to copy your pakfiles in the following location:

And then, you should be able to start the app from your device.

The game is playable. The following limitations are in place, though:

- The app will exit if the pakfiles are not in the specified place, or permissions to read local storage are denied
- The HUD is not visible during gameplay
- Your current weapon is not visible, either
- Sky looks a bit weird - still needs some work
- No sound
- No network

Looking forward to your comments!
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