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H2SP: Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey - Part 1
Hello everybody,

I am specialized in mapping for Hexen II but some of you kindly offered precious help and advice during my mapping process, so I thought you may be interested in the brand new expansion pack I just released for Hexen II.


Let me glady introduce you my very first mapping work: 'Wheel Of Karma: A Tulku Odyssey'

Downloadable here:

It is a sequel to the official 'Portal Of Praevus' expansion pack (which is therefore needed) and focuses on storyline, puzzles, a somewhat out-of-the-box touch, unexpected revisits of familiar entities and even a light RPG flavour...
Here is just Part 1, it will be a full campaign of about 20 to 30 maps probably, but I'll release it bit by bit over time.

Please don't hesitate to give tons of feedback: very rewarding for a beginner mapper, and will help me to fix issues in the next releases.

(uhexen2.exe is the only known engine correctly handling the mission pack to date, you'll have to put it in your Hexen II directory)

Screenshots should be visible here (hope it works):
Been Talking To Too Many Finns 
I read it as A Turku Odyssey... 
Ha ha! :-D 
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