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Q1SP: Can't Stop Me Now
Greetings! I'm SgtCrispy and here is my first single player Quake map.

It's a relatively short base style map with a not to tough difficulty.

Hope you enjoy!


A very good map!
It has good pacing, and I like the architecture.
Very id like, reminiscent to E1M1 in style and atmosphere. Would be perfect for a Remake Jam.

Nice nasty surprise at the slipgate ;-) almost killed me! 
Blind playthrough here, (only found 1 secret) :| 
Good job!

I kinda love when these first-time maps pop up these days, because they'll be small enough to not be exhausting, and have some kind of old-school feel, but still be weird/new/different in some way and more polished than a true old map would be.

The only notable criticism I'd have with this as a "first map" would be to note that unavoidable-damage situations cam feel bad, like close backspawning or when the player comes up a tunnel right into a firing ring of enforcers. Otherwise I had a lot of fun! Great use of different paths, a bit of slime-swimming, and some interesting fight areas like the big room with the hanging walkways.

Funnily enough I got to the exit on skill 2 without ever seeing the NG, so ammo was kind of tight. :-) That's sort of on me for not doing a breadth-first-search of the available doors. Anyway, against low-tier monsters like these it wasn't a real problem... an interesting challenge at times.

Overall, a really nice lunchbreak surprise. 
Nice Debut! 
I like the minor changes that you made since the last beta that I played. This turned into a nice, classic looking, 7-10 minute map!

Weird about Joel missing the NG. It was pretty much right at the beginning & out in the open. Sounds like he enjoyed it regardless. :) 
Nice chunky oldschool/id-style map.

I could've used a medkit somewhere around the starting area (maybe there was supposed to be one? - two health items fall out of the level; tip: use developer 1 to identify such cases). The armor secret is a bit too well hidden, I think. Better if there had been a low light inside the opening that's only visible from up the ledge. Besides, the secret armor is quite close to the one in the open; would have been better if it was reachable earlier, e.g. from the starting room.
The steps to get out of the slime pools could have been more visible, too.

By the way, I recommend using an all-lowercase filename for the next map. Otherwise it's always a bit of a hassle on a case-sensitive OS.

Thank you all for the opinions and such.

I took Negkes suggestions and did some little revisions.
Should be just a little bit better now.

On to map02! 
Here is my playthrough of your main release (not your recent "b" version posted in the comments above):

I played it with Copper (to make the enforcers a little more vicious).

Hopefully the "b" version is the one that makes it into Quaddicted, since it sounds like it's a tad cleaner. The one from the post is solid though. :) 
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