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Q1SP: Deepest Oblivion 'n' Citadel Of Fire
Here are two single-player levels from Daniel Remar that "were designed to work with the original DOS Quake, but should also work with any source port." They haven't made it to Quaddicted, due to being just BSPs, so I wrapped them up in zipped files and included read me files, based on Daniel's descriptions. They are wonderfully old-school.

Deepest Oblivion

Citadel of Fire (This level also has a deathmatch mode)


Daniel's website:
They look properly oldschool!
Shame about the changed datestamps on the bsp files, though. 
Yeah, when you download the BSP directly from his site, it takes on the metadata of the current day/time.

However, for those wanting specifics, the 2019 release dates of both maps are on his site! :) 
Played the first one just now. When you load up a map and it has 29 kills and 8 secrets, that's an interesting ratio...

Old-school yeah but in a proper amusing way. Well done! 
Second one also good stuff. Too symmetrical IMO, maybe because of it also being for deathmatch? but some quite cool fights and secrets. Also one neat visual moment that I won't spoil but which involves a fiend and lava... not sure I've seen anyone do that before. 
Both Bloody Awesome 
These are both very creative maps. I managed to find all but one secret in both maps, so I've good reason to return, besides the excellent pacing and just good fun of it all. The two are different in their approach to progression too, which makes them fun to play one after the other. Three more maps pushing the boundaries like these two and I'd say my favorite Quake episode (no boss fight please). 
Evil Googly Eyes 
Just played Deepest Oblivion. Very creative and very nice.

Old-school yeah but in a proper amusing way
This. I bet Spirit will love this map. 
Secret Evil Googly Eyes 
I wasn't sold on Citadel of Fire initially. Aside from a few creative gimmicks the gameplay is much less interesting than Deepest Oblivion. Like Joel B, I wasn't a fan of the symmetry.

Then I spent some extra time finding all the secrets. That really redeems it.

Re: the fiend/lava part, Lunaran did something similar in mapjam 2. Not exactly the same, though. 
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