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ADSP: The Master's Tools ... Inspired By The Tintin Jam
New Quake map based on Doomtintin WAD by Tintin. I missed the original deadline for the tintin jam, so this like a DLC for it. ;)

Mod used: AD 1.7


Poster poster alt link
For anyone who wants to just click and view, here's a poster rehost: 
updated link, also edited the title to have the (partial) name of the map and the fact it's ADSP 
Absolutely Gorgeous Visuals Coupled With Atrocious Gameplay 
Those skulls especially look fantastic.

I noclipped around the map first (pity it's boxed) and wanted to comment on the stunning visuals, but thought I'd better play through it first.

Oh boy. The first room was ok, but by the time I got to the section with the enforcers I just switched on godmode ...and kind of regretted not having done so for the part requiring endless jumps back and forth over unclipped brush-detail floors. In fact, the entire map would have benefited tremendously from liberal use of clip brushes.

I love gimmicky/experimental gameplay where you have to figure out how to progress, but this quickly just became an annoyingly difficult grind.

Still, it is really, really beautiful. 
Interesting how something can hit different people completely differently. My comment I was going to make was that some areas were overly clipped. :-)

FWIW I enjoyed this quite a bit, a fun little bite-sized thing. The second zombie room stumped me for a minute but then I had my forehead-slap moment. Only downer for me really was that the last room seemed really anticlimactic -- no puzzle, almost no monsters -- not sure if that was just a sign of things not being entirely finished, or a bug.

I can certainly agree with 3KiaTC that it looks sharp! 
Hmm, now I wonder if I solved the second zombie room the intended way... 
What He Said 
The beginning is a grind, having to hop back and forth to dispatch the zombies, and the ending is anticlimactic. Maybe a shambler replacing the two grunts would've worked better? Still, I liked picking up the railgun after having zero weapons beforehand. A real sense of a boost! 
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