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Q1SP: The Machinery
Hi, this is my new Quake map.

It's a medium to large tech/industrial level using ikbase textures, it has a slightly larger scale than usual. I hope you have fun playing it!


YAAAS! [spoilers] 
Secret hunting obsessed me, partly because the goodies seemed necessary to overcome the final challenge, and upon searching for them, I really came to respect this level. Many memorable sections, easily better than anything in the TinTin jam. My only quibble is the timed elevator sequence, but at the same time, you balance the difficulty by adding a warp in case players fall. This is a generally a thoughtful level.

Oh, one more thing. I killed a few scrags in that large, column-rich open area, and then noticed their bodies on the not-so-distant floor. Upon reaching a lower section of that area, I thought I might jump down, since the distance between myself and the scrag carcass wasn't far. But the ground killed me. Perhaps add some spikes? 
Map Is Great But... 
it's very easy to get lost. And the end appears to be buggy: can't open the last large door and I don't get any feedback about what to do. 
Reminded me of the Nostromo from the movie Alien.
Challenging but not impossible, not too long of a map just right for a late night Quake fix. Loved the timed ledge and the forgiving respawn if you fall. Didn't hold my hand but didn't punish me. Shame on anyone who noclips through that part of the map. Exellent Job thumbs up. 
That would be blasphemy! Those jumps are a piece of cake compared to other recent maps with timed jumping. Also I found it strange that you could fall to your death in other areas but not here, bit inconsistent in that regard. Nonetheless an awesome map.

#2: not sure what you did wrong. I didn't have any progression issues. Maybe I played a revised version. 
@nxanthos: Thank you for the positive feedback, did you manage to find all secrets? :p

And sorry about the insta kill, I thought the ground being all black could be enough of a hint to indicate that is not a intended place to be, I'll see if I can add something to better signal that (spikes would not fit the environment I think, this is supposed to be a weird alien ship).

@Barnak: I'm sorry you couldn't finish, which room did you get stuck? The end doesn't really have a large door.

@Drago: thanks! That was the target atmosphere I was going for :)

@maiden: thanks! I can see that's a bit inconsistent but when there's timed platforming like that I become really frustrated if I die and don't have a recent save. I didn't want to provide that frustration to players so I let go a bit of the realism. 
All good man. It just reminded me of a recent conversation with ijed about the importance of being consistent and not lying to the player. You can do whatever you want, as long as you stay consistent.

IMO falling to your death would have been fine too. You can always save before the jump sequence, which most players do anyway, and it's ok not to get it on the first try. If you can't make it, you don't get to continue :) 
I did find all secrets in the end! They're sneaky but fair. The ground being all black is a good enough hint, I don't think it needs revision :) Just the scrag bodies ruin the illusion. 
What mod are you playing it with. 
Just started this one, props on the custom music track... a great fit so far. 
...and, finished it. Some really effective use of blocky geometry, both atmospherically and for making combat spaces.

There was a cheeky bit of silent-shambler-backspawning at one point near the end and I'm a little itchy about that at the moment having just played through Warpspasm again (which I would lovingly title "Backspawning: The Game") ... but used as a single effective surprise here, eh, I'll let it slide. :-)

Good times overall! Especially solid if this is a debut map. 
The lighting in this map is gorgeous 
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