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Discussion In News Thread.
A little while ago, dumpdtruck_ds released a video that talked about his new Quake Mod, progs_dump, as the title of the thread might suggest.

The video can be seen here, if you're wanting to know more about it.

I personally like it, not having to set up elaborate monster-relay closets, among stuff like controlling gravity and making water currents without detracting too much from the id1 experience is something I personally like quite a bit!

Don't get anyone wrong, I do like Quoth, but since I'm relatively new to Quake mapping, I wanna get a good feel for the id1 experience before I work on more complex stuff, if I plan on doing so.

I'm not sure if this has been talked about before, but I haven't seen much about it from the most recent threads, which I set to 100 per page.
I’m Fond Of It. 
Has a nice feature set. 
I still like the extra_mod.
Sleepwalker's progs.def was a real eyecatcher. 
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