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Q1SP: Dead But Dreaming
Had so much fun making this for SM208 that I saved it for later and expanded it into a full release.
A dark and punishing overgrown Knave structure with tricks, traps and bullshit fights!

Included in the download along with the level is a map source file, as well as a demo guide to discovering the secrets. Enjoy.

Played on skill 2. Short form: is very good, everyone play now plz thanks.

Long form I will more or less regurgitate my twitter posts:

Still exploring the multilevel-narrow-tower thing I see. :-) Love the lighting, the sense of height, and A+ for those little bricks with purple detail. Cool ambushes and uses of monsterjump too.

Navigation was nice in something that could have been overly maze-y... good use of signs, open sightlines, and texture/lighting variety. Some good sound effects too (& I assume an intentional choice of no music).

Alas I ended up with fully zero secrets found. 
(Now, off to go watch that secrets demo.) 
There are a couple times when I didn't enjoy the navigation, I wish the level design made it obvious that I would have to backtrack, I think it wasn't the case for me because several rooms seemed like small stylistically-independent arenas, and those somehow (to me!) hinted towards linear progression.

On the other hand, I loved the vertical design, architectural detail and combat. Enemy placement was perfect, always hard but fair and interesting, with some opportunities for monster infighting.

Thank you! 
Especially liked the use of shamblers, which are usually my least favourite enemy. 
This Map Is Delicious! 
Cool map, I love it. It's well done, nice architecture, nice atmosphere. Thumbs up! 
Thanks For The Kind Words Y'all 
I'm thankful everyone is enjoying this so much! I was worried the split-down-the-middle style path was going to get people confused, but it seems most people figured it out pretty well.

In retrospect I feel like I could have more evenly spread out the secrets, as they're a little bit stacked into the left path as of now. And I'd definitely do a second pass-over of visuals just to keep things distinctly different. I was trying to keep it solid and vanillaesque also. 
The aesthetic of brick or stone ruins intermingling with the terrain of a cave or valley has always been one of my favorite Quake things. Modern maps that add distance fog and pump up the verticality -- maybe throw in some cozy flickering lights near ground level -- just take that to the next level. Strong look, no complaints here. 
Start Map? 
I noticed that there's a start map hidden in this map. How do we trigger it? I didn't saw any information on it in the read me.

Also, there's no nightmare slipgate in that start map...

By the way, I played the map with the copper mod, and it plays very well. No troubles at all! 
And Runic Room 
How do we get to that runinc room? The secret demo doesn't show it. 
The start map is incomplete and inaccessible, only left in because it was cut so close to release. I originally had the level feature a Sock-esque in-level start map, but unfortunately that is not compatible with co-op, so I cut it for those reasons.

As for this 'runic room'? I have no idea, the secrets demo shows all possible secrets in the level, I ain't hiding anything :) 
Nice architecture and combat. The vore setup was a bit nasty, but in a good way. Thanks for the release! 
So There's A Super-secret In There... 
That's cruel! 
I think he was confused about the rune in the start map, wondering if it served some ulterior purpose :) 
Yeah nah, runes are used for in-bsp start maps to send the player to start2 after a reload. I said I wasn't hiding nothing! 
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