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Deathmatch Classic Port For Quake
Valve's Deathmatch Classic models have been ported to Quake. Special thanks to Asaki, khreathor and Spike for their help.

- weapon v_ and g_ model replacements
- armor, backpack, spike, s_spike, grenade and missile replacements
- original models, textures, animations and sound effects
- source folder containing .blend files with models and edited texture files (gldsrc models tend to have more than one texture file, so I had to squeeze all of them into one single image, remap them to the Quake palette, adjust the brightness, and finally export to a .png file)

Download dmc.7z and extract with 7zip. Copy the "dmc" folder into your Quake directory and run Quake. Then, type "game dmc" in the console.

AnonFiles mirror:
GameBanana mirror:
Spotted A Few Quirks 
Ring of shadows sound keeps playing even after invis runs out, and weapons do not have muzzleflash. Qspasm 0.93.2.

Anyway, really love these models, nice work! 
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