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SM210: Overgrown Is Out Now! (Requires Copper)
Speedmap #210 is out now!


Organized by Naitelveni, it consists of 11 maps made in 2-3 days around the theme "Overgrown". Nature taking back what belongs to it! Requires latest Copper mod.

Maps from:
Burnham, Chris Holden, Doom Pope, Entsoy, Gnemeth, Greenwood, Markie Music, Naitelveni,, Quasiotter, Radiator Yang, and Shadesmaster.

Download SM210 here

Get latest Copper here
Quasiotter's map starts with a capital SM so typing lowercase sm into your console won't autofill to show their map. 
Organized by Naitelveni

Posted by markiemusic 
Interesting theme and I really loved markiemusic's Cthalha's Chasm. It's a work of art, much like his map in the Coppertone Summer Jam 2020 pack. Thanks for the release! 
Thank You! 
Perfect Maps! 
Lovely sm210_entsoy map! Nice Portal-alike atmosphere. Very solid for first-time(?) mapper.
And Markie's map won again! 
Started poking at this pack a bit... lots of fun climbing around in Holden's map, just enough honeycomb-style pathing to make for some cool exploration and secrets. 
Greenwood, that main room's structure/aesthetic is the stuff. You've got that jungle-sunlight feel coming down and then the middle deck with a shady area underneath -- and the vines coming down from the ceiling in there -- running around in this space and going in and out of that shady zone is really nice. 
Yang's map; another nice arena combat challenge. Fun to poke around the structure, and then when I went into the interior and heard the spawn-spawn-spawn-spawning noises outside I knew that shit was about to go down.

Some good "mowdown moments" and infighting opportunities. The final setpiece reminded me a little of certain furball fights when doing Halo on Legendary -- start, things go off the rails a bit, quick restart, try something different, repeat until you get rolling.

A couple of minor observations:

I think because I like to clear out one level/area of a map before moving to the next, I ended up fighting a lot of monsters (and not just trash mobs) with the basic boomstick, which never feels super great. I eventually got a peek at where I could run up to the next level to quickly grab another weapon or two, but having them earlier would have been nice. Maybe if it was easier or more obvious to see those weapons earlier, to lure folks like me up?

And at the end I literally ran out of ammo on skill 2... about 10 enemies left. I generally am not terrible about wasting shots; I did trigger some infighting but could have done more probably. Not a big deal as I could just run to the exit but it would have been satisfying to clean 'em all up. 
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