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“Announcing” Gif2spr 0.3.0
Hello, today I'm "announcing" the release of gif2spr v0.3.0. I put announcing in quotes because this is not a new release, since I've posted it to the Quake mapping discord before with little fanfare. Also, I'm officially orphaning the project as I haven't touched it in about a year, so if you have any interest in working on it feel free to fork it.

Anyhoo, gif2spr does what it says on the tin - converts animated GIFs to Quake or Half-Life sprites. Comes with a CLI application and a GUI front-end. When using the GUI, make sure it is in the same folder as the CLI, as the GUI depends on the CLI program. Available for Windows and Linux. (Linux requires building; CLI should build on Mac too, but the GUI won't work without modification.)

- set origin of the sprite
- selection for alternate palettes
- set sprite type: VP-parallel, oriented, etc.

Known bugs: Sometimes the sprite may get cropped unexpectedly when rendered in-game. A workaround is to check the "extend frame" box before converting.

Windows build:

Source code:
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