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Halloween Jam 3
The dawn of Halloween Jam 3 is upon us! Grab your costumes, carve your pumpkins and try not to scream as we make spooky levels for Arcane Dimensions!

Mod: Arcane Dimensions 1.7P1, upgrading to 1.8 when it is released. Get it here:
Theme: Anything spook-tastic! Horror, scares, or just plain ole goofy Halloween.
Submissions: fairweather DOT design AT gmail DOT com, or fw#1312 on Discord.
Resources: Anything you'd like! Keep it spooky, or check this shared media Drive for assorted stuff:
Deadline: Roughly 24th to 24th, or FEAR THE COUNTDOWN here:
Some Shots 
On The First Screen Quake? 
Are You kidding us!
It is magically. 
Email Is Wrong, not Sorry if anyone had already emailed. Please go again. 
Bug Maybe? 
idk if this is a me problem or the mod, but im leaving it here just in case its a bug
map: necromancers swamp 
#4, see posts #3 and #4 here:

In general people report these in threads that serve as release announcements, whereas the one you are reading now serves as event announcement. Those generally don't witness much activity once the event is over. 
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