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Q1SP: MOD - Raven Keep
Enter a dark, gothic realm and explore the colossal castle Raven Keep. Confront the sinister Lord Karasu and unravel the mysteries of the lost Holy Chalices.

Raven Keep features 3 maps with new enemies, weapons and gameplay mechanics.

Designed for Quakespasm v0.93.2 exclusively.
(It is also recommended to increase the RAM allocation in the command line with -heapsize 524288)
*No other engines are able to run these maps without technical issues. Quakespasm Spiked is currently not supported.*

Full install instructions, lore, credits and more are contained in the README.txt


Screenshot Gallery

Models and Animations Gallery


Moddb downloads page:

7zip from quaketastic (updated link to version 1.01):

Raven Keep was built off the Arcane Dimensions source code. I want to give a special thanks to Sock for providing code support during this project.
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Bugs Reports 
@Theodoricos: I have not encountered that visual glitch before, appears that a portion of the skybox is not being rendered properly. Make sure you have a clean install of QS 0.93.2, I recommend making a clean copy of your Quake folder with id1 and ravenkeep folder in it along side QS. Hopefully that helps.

@Greenwood. Sorry about random crashes. I have not had anyone encounter these before. Increasing the heapsize further might help. Quake and these maps in particular are extremely CPU dependent. 
Aw, Man (pt. 2) 
Well, luckily the autosave worked! I installed your save game patch & I am back in action. Again, this is very, very cool! I'll just save often, up my heapsize more, and keep my fingers crossed. 
Heapsize/patch Seemed To Do The Trick 
The combo of the suggested heapsize & patch seemed to do the trick. I was able to get through the mod without further crashes. Neat package!

The main map's layout is really nice. The aesthetics are well done too. Some of the models, like the princess for example, kind of clash with others (like the more realistic barmaid), but that's a minor quibble. Also, the health/ammo seemed rather lean toward the end of the map. I kept thinking "Why did I get these weapon upgrades if I can't use them?"

I love some of the details/secrets. This is obviously a passion project and I appreciate it! Will do a video on it real soon. :) 
Download Links Are Updated 
Can't Wait... 
Gonna play this tomorrow night with Pete D.

tytyty Redfield 
From screenshots it looks like a great mod. Started it yesterday, and yes, it looks very nice. But it's too hard, I selected easy difficulty, I almost always play in easy, because I don't have too much time to play and I want to just see the map and have a little fun, without needing to be very focused.

I'm not a very good player anymore, but I still can finish Quake on nightmare anytime and I used to be a semi pro player long ago (from 1998 to 2000).

I understand that latest maps and mods will probably be played only by hardcore Quake fans, but I think that easy difficulty should still be easy. 
It's not that difficult on Hard skill. Any large encounters were mostly nullified by the huge open spaces, you just keep moving. The crows were certainly annoying and the Raven Keep boss was fairly tough but overall not hard.

What I will say is last map boss was effortlessly easy. Like, literally easier than the crows. Easier than almost every monster encounter in the entire mod. Not really sure about that balance... 
Tintin, interesting, I'll try on hard too, I wouldn't be surprised to be like you said.

I had this problem on some well known games, for example Killzone 2, there was an area before the last boss that was very hard for me on easy. And the final boss was easier than anything in the game, it was too easy. Then I tried the game on hard... no difference from easy in that area...

I understand, this is a free mod for Quake, nobody is expecting fine tuning for skills, but maybe asking a few friends to try it for fun on easy and see how they can handle it would be a good idea. 
Congratulations on the release of Raven Keep! When I first playtested this, I knew it was going to be a success. The detailing is just incredible from the ceilings and decorations, not a texture out of place. And the many, many custom models are stunning. You've never seen such higher quality Quake 1 models that both look really good and fit the aesthetic. The lighting is probably the best I've ever seen. Taking your first step into the cathedral with sun beams shining through the windows and the curtains swaying in the wind, you gotta see it to really appreciate it. The graveyard church is also an incredible set piece that will make your jaw drop with its fine craftsmanship, especially once you see it catch on fire. Even small details are present like the dim light emitted from the candles on pots that go out when you destroy them.

As you can guess there are lots of references to Dark Souls and Bloodborne, including specific enemies lifted directly from the games and recreated in this mod, such as the screaming ghost woman, Lady Maria, and of course Sif. You'll find references to other famous works as well such as Alice in Wonderland and Edgar Allen Poe through secret areas and textbooks scattered throughout.

If there was one thing I had to criticize, its the fairly weak dragon pistol which has a great design by the way, and the raven enemies that seem to damage you before they even touch you. Besides that, gameplay is balanced if a bit difficult. Ammo is scarce so you really have to make your shots count, and save your lightning gun for the boss.

Its only two maps but its an incredible project from start to finish with lots of cool stuff to find. Hats off to you Redfield! Also congrats for being featured on Alpha Beta Gamer!

First run playthrough, hard skill: 
Why Is A Quake Map Like A Writing Desk? 
I haven't the foggiest.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Many of you have been inspirations to me with your own maps.

About difficulty: This was a really schizophrenic affair, and its not perfect at all. I did have quite a bit of feedback and although it was meant to be harder than an average map, its very tricky to get it right. I hear some people find the bosses too easy, or its the other way around. Both bosses can be cheesed with the respwaning health and ammo in the rooms. The Huntress can be defeated easily with the Sword due to her high bullet resistances, but you have to do the Quake dance.

About models: There is a lot of cooky stuff in here! Its not a TC or anything special, so there was no GDD or any consistency. So the Red Queen is a cute anime character, while the Huntress and Karasu are grittier and blood stained. But there was a lot of work going into making each one look right as a low poly representation.

Performance: There's not much I can do about these issues. Develpoment was primarily on a 3.6Ghz i7, 12GB Ram, Gtx 1050 with recent drivers, and Quakespasm is running things fine. Multiple systems were tested. Sadly I could not devote time to fixing issues in other engines. Ideally it would have its own executable, but I'm not keen enough with C++ to due this in a reasonable time. Maybe one day some of these engines will gain better support if development on them continues. 
Chalices And "real" Ending 
Either I misunderstood what's in your readme file, or I'm the only one to suffer from this bug, but finishing the castle map with all chalices just takes me back to the start map.

Am I supposed to find them all before the Red Queen opens the portal? I also went back to the cave at the beginning as the secret guide suggests, but there's nothing there. The hint seems to point to different locations in the same sentence ("find a way back to the Eternal Watchtower to get back to the cave with the altar in the very first secret."), all of which I've visited to no avail.

(Using Quakespasm Spiked on Debian 10.6, because regular Quakespasm is 0.93.1 and segfaults even when using the right heapsize) 
Skip to 51min mark.

Should be there if you do have 3 chalices. 
0.93.1 will not run it at all. You need to be using 0.93.2 
Oooooh right, I had found that secret on my own but thought you were referring to the map I was currently playing and confused the Eternal Watchtower with the castle's watchtower. And by the time I finished the castle, I had forgotten about that start map. Thanks!

Yes, I had read the instructions prior to playing so I knew about the need for 0.93.2, which is why I was running QSS since its latest release is based on 0.93.2. I just thought I'd mention it in case there was an issue affecting that engine, but now I know there isn't. 
Model Interpolation, particle effects, certain entity physics, and the cutscene camera system is not working on QSS. I imagine your playthrough may have been quite ugly as compared to the recommended QS 0.93.2 They are not the same engine. Although, its certainly possible to ignore some of these things. 
I Wander Why 
so many people talk about performance of this mod. It runs so smooth on my old laptop. All just needed to run well - run with parameter -heapsize 524288 (or some more, when still not enough). For comparison The Shib 2 is unplayable on my mashine, it freeses, and nobody this mod did not scold for performance. It is 2020, Quake long ago grew out of children's shoes, And it is only makes this Game better. So it goes. 
Finished it, even found the 'true' ending. Played on Normal. Got some Karazhan and Shadowfang Keep vibes from the Raven Keep map, and some Silverpine Forest feels from the end boss map.

Great stuff! Thanks for making this! 
Awesome Stuff 
This is super impressive. It's always great to be able to explore new worlds in a familiar engine.

You've obviously put some serious work into this. Well done!

I played through it on Easy just to absorb the atmosphere and take in the architecture. I'm going for a Hard playthrough on Halloween. Since there'll be no gatherings this year I'm having a one person party - watching the Mr Bungle live stream followed by said playthrough.

Sometimes, being isolated is a good thing! 
Positive Aspects About Covid... 
First Dwell, then Raven Keep and soon AD 1.8!

Congratulations Redfield! Very nice indeed! 
Hey, I've Missed The Church!! 
--> I'm going to reply it! 
Excellent Job 
you can see my playthrough there
Great castle construcion and we don't feel the repetitivity of the textures, Lot of new models.
Really great and complete job. 
This feels like the beginnings of its own game. New weapons, more than two of the same keys, enemy variety (though again the beasts were exactly the same, different textures... BONFIRES!!!!

This felt like a partial attempt at a Dark Souls TC. Which would be great if there wasn't a missed opportunity:

THIS is the map that, in my opinion, an updated Fantasy Quake would thrive in. Being able to choose your playstyle would continue to add variety to things. But besides that, you did an excellent job here. More in the future at your leisure. 
Question About SDL2 File 
I would like to play this but before I do it I have a question.

In my Quake installation folder I have QSS as the source port installed. Both QSS and Quakespasm include a SDL2.dll file which is not the same size. Quakespasm also includes another SDL.dll file that's not included in QSS.

SDL2.dll Quakespasm - 1.057.792 Bytes
SDL2.dll Quakespasm-Spiked - 1.067.520 Bytes

Would Quakespasm still work if I don't overwrite the QSS SDL2.dll with the one included in 0.93.2? 
Not For Me,but... 
...ehi, gotta love fighting Doctor Doom! 
Thank You 
loved the locations, the ministory and the bosses.

don't have much to contribute, but found a typo in the secret level story telling: "powerful forces moving againt us" (missing an s in "against")

anyway, thank you for this wonderful mini-episode. 
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