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Q1SP : Null Bearing
Hi guys, this is my first attempt at quake mapping. Uses id1, the chosen theme is kind of experimental. Easy, normal and hard skills are implemented. Tested with QSS. Hope some of you will enjoy it.


Ein Bier. Bitte. 
You're awesome! Fantastic map!

344/362 kills
6/13 secrets
skill 2 
What a fun!
I love this map. It has thios kind of 90s feeling with better design.I love the colors in special.
Good Job 
I'm always a bit wary when it comes to realism attempts within Quake - they don't do well most of the time. That said, I dig Null Bearing. The port / docks setup is just a moderately detailed backdrop and the brushwork itself is still tailored around the usual Quake gunplay, not vice-versa as in most of the so-called realistic levels. I liked the explorative feel that comes with the overlapping path the player follows. Mixed texturing is also tastily done. Nearly an hour long with 350 enemies on skill 2, yet it does not get boring at all.

Thanks for the adventure!

Three part first-run demo

QS 0.93.2 / protocol 666.
58 mins : 9/13 secrets : 340/347 kills. 
Hi guys,
thx for playing and giving feedback.
@erc : You summed up very well what I tried to do. "realism" maps are unusual, I particularly enjoyed the ones previously made by Daya(for qump and map jam 6).
I kept greenwood's advice "gameplay first, looks second" while designing the map.
Also my brushwork skills were kinda limited as I was learning to map in trenchbroom along the way, a more traditionnal "fire and brimstone" oriented setting would have been too challenging. That will be for the next one. 
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