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Has anybody tried the TyrQuake client by Tyrant?

Its last update was made in 2019, so it's not too old. I tried it briefly but didn't manage to run it in higher resolutions since the screen would stop showing the entire image at some point.

Would be interesting to know how it is doing with addons such as Travail or AD, but it doesn't seem to be finished yet, indicated by its version number (v0.66).
Sure, I Guess 
It's alright but it doesn't really work very well. Fairly bare-bones and has a general lack of polish. AD barely works on it. 
It was vaguely popular in the mid 00's. FitzQuake has almost completely superceded it though. 
Just Got Curious 
because I had heard virtually nothing about it before. I don't know if it is still under active development or abandoned.

At first glance, there is little right now that would set it apart from other vanilla-like ports such as Mark V or Quakespasm. Besides the fact I couldn't get it working properly with widescreen resolutions. 
TyrQuake... was the engine Oz and I made our hacks with for a while :) Alongside Darkplaces, it was the best Linux Q1 engine - until Kristian ported Fitzquake to SDL. 
As Linux user I found recent use in TyrQuake for having a traditional software renderer, but with much raised engine limits. It certainly seems to be a "mostly vanilla" engine, with welcome updates here and there. I see that it even got some neat updates in git, especially support for ALSA sound support. 
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