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Halloween Jam 3 Is Out!
The Third Quake Halloween Jam is here!

With 12 maps by Artistical, Entsoy, Greenwood, Makkon, Mista Heita, Mobin, Nyo, Pinchy, Quasiotter, Shades, Strideh, vbs, Xeo and a start map by Fairweather/Voidforce!

Alt Download

Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: this patch contains a fix for 2 of the maps:
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Wow! October 2020 is the best month ever! Love you guys! 
12 maps and the poster shows 3? 
Thanks A Lot! 
... but, bug report: Shadesmaster's map crashes with this error at some point (a fight after using the gold key, I'm being vague to avoid spoilers):

CALL2 402(setmodel)setmodel()
monsters.qc : monster_spawn
no precache: progs/mon_gaunt.mdl

QuakeSpasm 0.93.1, Debian 10.6 
#2 Tbh, I made the image as a teaser for Twitter, where it seems to be getting a good helping of coverage. Shoehorned it in as the poster, since I'm lazy.

#3 Looks like a simple precache bug. I played the maps using Spiked, which doesn't give this error, and seemingly so did the mapper. Annoying thing to happen though. 
I love it when posters have a 30x30 square for each map really tells me what to expect 
#4: Alright, I'm switching to the latest spiked version then.

Makkon's map is a gem. Too bad it doesn't have more secrets, it's a real call for exploration. 
Mod Error At Start With QSS Mac OS 
Can't play any of the maps on this mod with QSS OS X version... 
More information is needed. Just saying "Doesn't work" is the least helpful thing you can do. What's the specific error, and how have you installed mod? It's a standalone folder. 
I installed the mod directly into the quake folder, as usual (as for any other mod). I start it using the start panel, with the following parameters (that's my default parameters, that I use with all maps and mods) :

-game hwjam3 +skill 3 -heapsize 480000 -zone 4096 -sndspeed 44100 -fsaa 2

I can play it with QuakeSpasm 0.93.2. But it doesn't work with QuakeSpasm-SDL2 0.93.2 or QuakeSpasm-spike 0.92.2. I get a program error in the console. That's all on Mac OS. 
Mixed Feelings 
Finished the pack, although I skipped through some of it. A few of these maps really capture the spirit the jam was meant to convey (Makkon, MH, Strideh, ...) and stand out in every way. Others are slightly flawed or simply do not appeal to me as much --- in particular, the music in Shades' contribution really doesn't fit the map; a minor annoyance since it's easily replaced.

Entsoy's map is a bit too experimental to my taste, hopefully it'll find its audience.

Others look either like first maps or downright jokes (Artistical and quasiotter) --- jokes that are getting old by the way since they're very similar to past releases.

Thanks to everyone who took the event seriously for their efforts. I'm hoping the new mappers who at least tried will keep trying. 
Just Finished Whole Pack On Nightmare Skill. 
Halls-o'-Win (hwjam3_artistical) - Cool idea, but why the fuck I keep falling to my death and just dying from no particular reason after falling onto these black bars? Is that intentional? Looks like utter bugs to me. Especially that you die from falling on the floor right after teleporting into minotaur-shambler section, YET NOT DIE WHEN FELL INTO THE VOID UNDERNEATH IT.

US (hwjam3_quasiotter) ok

approach of the second sun (hwjam3_entsoy) - whoa, actual horror! I like black and white, fog-induced eerie cubish aesthethic. I understand the appeal of it, probably black and white filter like in noir film jam could work even better to turn monochrome also mobs and projectiles. Mobs in suspended animation work well on the level's summary atmospere. Frying shambler with living bombs felt satisfying, as well as amount of other infighting involved.

Problems: 1. Doors painfully jam you if you slam into them in midair. 2. Where the fuck should I go next?!

Untitled (hwjam3_vbs) - Industrial Theme? Nonlinear progression? Big open spaces? JUMP BOOTS? Now we're talking! Now THAT'S what i'm talking about! Most of the spawn triggers can be easilly avoided, but that's not a complaint, more like reward for tricky and not boring/obvious exploration routes. Very good job. Especially this lagless on such big open map [looks at other ones with disdain]

The Apothecary (hwjam3_nyo) - poor shambler... whoever let him into this dangerous moving gears place isn't a good person and not a good dungeon keeper! Sometimes I feel like i've being bombarded by poison wizard out of nowhere... Those are BIG buttons, I like it. Overall simplistic, yet fun to play map.

The well of damned souls (hwjam3_greenwood) - It's cool that traps work on all enemies as well as on you, very convenient. Love the subtle humor in environmental storytelling. Somehow, this map reminds me of An Outhouse from yesteryear halloween jam. Good job.

A Dead Man's Favor (hwjam3_mh) whoa the narrative! The mechanics! The details and overall effort put in! Great work! That's a cool neat level, but I got a problem with protection rune, I did jump to it with grenade launcher, but there's no way to get out of there without another jump, maybe grates could open up a bit after picking invuln up. Also I believe I've seen mobs telefraggin' each other right at the spawn near widowmaker.
Also there's a lot of places at the surface that all the enemies can get corner you in, maybe it's not good and more open spaces would be cooler.

The Banquet (hwjam3_xeo) - Cool artistically, simple in mechanics, fun has been had.

Necromanser's swamp (hwjam3_shadesmaster) - Now that's some poisonous swamp fauna you got there, feels like I'm back in Na Pali from Unreal. I never thought a single spider could have so many blood hemolymph in it. By the way, can these spiders poison ogres so i could one-shot them? Fuck I would ADORE if some lil jumpy boi reduced a damn Judicator to a one widowmaker shot, cutting his hp to 10%. I love the spacing, overall combat setups and map feel, some obvous borrowing from necromancer's keep but if it works it's fine. Very good job here. But as with most Shadesmaster's maps they're too doomish and horisontal, I would add one more walkable floor on a top of every unreachable pillar/wall and it would be much funnier to traverse. For example, this roof and the top of the rock here
One more bug, Judicator at the end crashes level with "program error" at the gaunt summon phase.
By the way, these new knights are so nice and all, but can @bal now turn gaunts into some kind of cyber-angels from Urdak at this point for them to suit into overall theme?

The Vileduct (hwjam3_makkon) - Very comfy, almost like somthing from Townscaper. Pretty laggy though. After "the chapel is now craven" message i didn't understood where to go next. After about hour of wandering i've noclipped on the blue bridge, so didn't finished map the intended way.

Blackvenom Retreat (hwjam3_pinchy) - Yay, lots of infighting! That's a fun one.

Abbeytoir (hwjam3_strideh) - Very beautiful artistically. Neat, satisfying level design.

Overall jam is good, AD just got on a whole new level with this 1.8 update and I feel this jam is just small example of what's to come next. 
Strideh's Map Is Superb! 
This one is my favorite, by far, in the whole pack. Maybe it needs some music track...

I even played it with AD 1.71 and works great (I know you guys hate that, but then so what?). 
You played an AD 1.8 map with AD 1.71.

Well done. 
Please stop. Many maps use 1.8 features and you'll literally wreck the levels by playing them in 1.7p1. What is your actual problem? Do you intentionally do this to annoy people? Nothing can be more simple than putting the fucking folder into your quake directory. How do you fuck this up. 
This is my thing dude. I love to see how nice maps behave under other mods, even if I still play them in their original mod too. So why do you bother? I just don't care about YOUR opinion on MY way to have fun with Quake, fw.

It's even my way to express my grattitude to some maps that I love, since I'll never bother doing this with maps I don't like. Duh!

I know how to install mods properly, this isn't an issue to me. But I like to export maps in other environments, and no, I'll not stop doing this. Especially if it annoys your anus, fw! 
#15 You're Not Going To Stop Doing This... 
Fine, that's your right!

But could you stop posting about it! That would be fair to EVERYONE! Yourself included ;)

Streammmm 1st Play

I got through all but 3 maps. It's a hell of a long stream. I couldn't figure out Makkon's map properly, and two other maps I couldn't play cause it got a bit late. But otherwise I mostly had fun. I think I liked MH's map the most in terms of concept and I really enjoyed Strideh's map too.





1.) These maps are made for AD 1.8. As may be inferred from deductive reasoning, AD 1.8 is a newer version of AD 1.7. If you run maps designed for 1.8 with 1.7 loaded, you're not seeing how they "behave under other mods", because it's the same mod, just an older version with fewer features.

2.) Mappers, including fw who ran this event and created the start map, spend a lot of time employing the features of the mod they'd chosen for their map. Playing them in different mods than they'd worked hard with, is the complete opposite of expressing gratitude, it's a sign of disrespect of their autorial intent. I'm working on a Quoth map right now and the last thing I want to see in the release thread is "I don't care about what you spent the last few weeks doing, I just want AD monsters".

3.) Behaving the way you do towards the mappers whose work you like so much, is a sure way to receive fewer nice maps from them, not more. 
In Other News. 
A few of these maps really capture the spirit the jam was meant to convey (Makkon, MH, Strideh, ...)


Others look either like first maps or downright jokes (Artistical

Are spot on opinions. 
New Makkon Textures Definitely Perfect 
And maps that used them has unrepeatable spirit of magic. hwjam3_makkon, hwjam3_strideh, hwjam3_mh fnd hwjam3_shades look so unusual that you want to walk around and look at this magical world.
I would like to see Explorejam 3 with Jumpboots in this style. 
OTP Re: 18 
Perfectly stated. We're really starting to see some wacko behavior now.

The Barnak Effect. 
I've only played 3 maps o far, based on the feedback in this thread.

Loved Mista Heita's A Dead Man's Favor. A brilliant concept perfectly executed. Shows how you can tell a story effectively with quite simple means.

Had the same issue with Makkon's map as @So Rangers name's Jim?, namely that I didn't know how to proceed to the higher level, so I simply stopped there. Nice map otherwise, except that it perhaps didn't feel very halloweenish except for the music.

Strideh's Abbeytoir was solid as well.

Love Makkon's textures, even though I'm a bit miffed that he has blocked me on Twitter.

Oh, and I even played it with AD 1.81! 
I fixed my map by adding a dummy gaunt monster to prevent the endlevel bug, plus moved the hanging boil zombie into the ceiling so he's no longer floating in the air. 
The music btw is the Luke Jansen remix of Heretic's "E2M7" aka "The Great Hall." It's track16 in case anyone wants to play to a different tune, though. There's a bunch of other Heretic refrences throughout in fact, such as the glowing sphere keymarkers and the exit using heretic / hexen textures, despite the Makkon set dominating the map.

After I finish a Prodeus level, I need to use this Makkon set for a WRATH map. It's just too cool. And keep those monster encounters deliberately evil. ;)

(A strong point of me map, according to playthru commentary I've seen)

To quote Civvie on his SIGIL review: "There's a huge difference between incompetent design and deliberate evil. Romero played upon our hubris, and I gotta say - it's a good burn." Tho my DOOM love shows for better or worse. 
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