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Quake Singleplayer Starter Pack Version 2.0.0

Quakestarter is a (Windows only) package with tools for setting up a playable Quake installation and downloading/playing/managing many highly-regarded addons. This includes any necessary patching and recommended configurations for the addons! It's menu-driven and super easy to use.

This package also contains quite a bit of documentation on configuring Quake and exploring other user-created content.

New players can use Quakestarter as a quick way to get going with Quake and the many amazing things created for it since 1996.

Veteran players can use it as a nice way to bootstrap "yet another Quake installation", or to discover overlooked gems -- since no one can keep up with every single piece of custom content released.

The most visible change in this version is that Quakespasm-Spiked is now the bundled Quake engine, rather than Mark V. The number of "installables" has also increased from 58 to 75, including coverage up through October of this year.
If you happened to install a release candidate, and you want to do an "in-place" upgrade with the final version, I would recommend first deleting the quakestarter_docs and quakestarter_scripts folders, then move all the files/folders of the final release into place overwriting files as necessary. 
Small 2.0.1 update today. Some better docs/examples about "alpha" settings, and a variant of the package is available that does not bundle QSS.

Also you can get to the relevant page with just the URL "" now. 
This Is Pretty Nice 
Neat and selective. It reminds me of a batch tool I wrote a few years back for launching different mods and maps, though it lacks the ability to download maps etc as yours does. 
2.0.2 release to finish out the year.

The notable change is the inclusion of Xmas Jam 2020 among the installables.

A few other minor improvements to docs and messaging, mainly in the annotated autoexec when discussing how different engines handle attempts to set transparency when the map doesn't support it. 
2.1.0 release today...

Blue Monday jam added to the installables.

Other than that, quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work to make Super8 more usable as an alternative Quake engine that you set up with Quakestarter. There are of course some releases that just won't work with Super8 (e.g. Oxyblack).

Download and changelist at 
2.2.0 released. The major changes:

* new Quakespasm-Spiked build, to pick up some bugfixes (as usual this is the "dev" build)
* three new installables: Torrent of Impurities (new Finnish-mappers episode), Unused Jam, and the standalone AD-based release Imhotep's Legacy

Download and changelist at 
Hmm, a new release! Been a while.

New installables, some Ironwail documentation/support, and better handling of changes in AD and Copper versions among other things.

Download and changelist at 
Another quick minor release... it's been a while since I did a complete rescan of Quaddicted to see what would qualify to be a recommended installable. And the ratings there have changed quite a bit. So, some changes here in which installables are included. More details in the changelog. 
2.5.0 release today. I'll just C&P the changelog below since it covers some things I'd like opinions about and some newly introduced behavior that I'd love to hear about if it's broken.

You may have noticed that there was a new Quakespasm-Spiked release that I haven't yet picked up for use here with Quakestarter. There's a concern with using new QSS builds that I'm chewing on here:

Please feel free to add comments in this thread or on that GitHub issue if you have opinions about the solution.

Another relevant release that has happened sort of recently is Windows 11. I haven't done extensive testing on Windows 11, but initial feedback looks good and I have no reason to believe that Quakestarter will have any issues there.

But anyway, this Quakestarter version is about dealing with yet another release: the "enhanced" Quake rerelease. In some ways Quakestarter can benefit from the rerelease (because it provides music soundtrack files) and in other ways we need to be careful that the rerelease doesn't cause problems (because it provides pak files that are "wrong" in that they are different from the original pak files).

So this release of Quakestarter has the following features:

* Add support for finding/copying music tracks from the Quake rerelease.

* Add pak file checksumming, to avoid accidentally picking up the rerelease pak files or the old 1.01 pak0.pak.

* General doc updates to take into account some implications of the rerelease. 
I don't know that much about how Quakestarter works, but could it work to use the newest QSS but automatically add +sv_gameplayfix_setmodelrealbox 1 to the command line to give players the experience that you think is safest/most compatible? (and then, in the Quakestarter options menu, have the ability to disable that?) 
Yah I'm seriously considering that. The downside of course is that as soon as the player goes outside the Quakestarter menus, like using Simple Quake Launcher or just the console etc., they'll lose that. 
Alias Model Bounding Boxes 
Modifying the alias model bounding boxes was always the wrong approach.

The bounding boxes set via QC are correct for use on the server, are what Quake's physics hulls expect, and should never be meddled with.

Bounding boxes for frustum culling can be trivially reconstructed by setting them to a 0..255 range, then applying aliashdr_t::scale and aliashdr_t::scale_origin; this is the reverse of what modelgen.c does at - these shouldn't overwrite the physics boxes but should be reconstructed on-the-fly and as-required.

If rotation is required, then Quake II provides a solution at but it needs a little more work, particularly as Q2 uses per-frame bounding boxes whereas Q1 uses whole model bounding boxes. There's also the option of switching Q1 to use per-frame bounding boxes (or just using the per-frame boxes it already has at

The important thing though is keeping the physics boxes separate from the frustum culling boxes, and never overwriting one with the other. 
I do grok the technical arguments (to some extent). If Spike wants to take a stand there with QSS that's fine. :-)

From a practical standpoint, I see that when that version of QSS was released various folks started saying that the latest QSS didn't quite work right with this or that map or mod. That's something I don't want newcomers to have to wrestle with. 
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