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Q1SP - Cradle (akm1) ** Copper Quake **
Hey everyone! This is my first map release. It's a fairly small id1 style map with mostly city textures. All constructive criticism is welcome as I want to continue getting better at mapping in general.

** This map requires Copper Quake **


Download Link! 
sorry, I broke the download link!

You can grab the map here! 
Fixed The OP Link 
The one time i forget to check the links in a news post 😔 
I love it. Classic minimalistic style, solid build, brutal gameplay. Only found one secret during my first playthrough. 
Congrats And Well Done! 
This is a heck of a solid first map. Great encounter design. I like that you focused on layout, navigation, and encounter design and let the visual elements be minimal. Imo, it's a great foundation to build the player experience first and let visual detail emerge as you continue to map.

Additionally, the ammo balance seemed spot-on for a normal mode run. While I was a little careless with health in a few places, there seemed to be just enough health packs not to leave me hanging.

Here's my demo, normal mode. I did not find any secrets but enjoyed the run! 
First Map? Awesome

Here's a demo or two. Good map for a start, you nailed the gameplay down first and that's the most important thing. Also it's not bad looking for a first release. 
Replaying on Hard I found all the secrets and I really like them as well. It was so satisfying unlocking the ”super secret”. Great stuff. 
Here's a 100% playthrough on Hard: 
Played this again after playtesting the first RC and I have to add to the praise again, such a killer map for a first go-around. Mans went from being unable to make a light entity to doing an entire map in 3 or so days. What a legend. 
skill 2 first play demo:

Very fun map. Love the scale. 
'Nother Demo 
I Have Found All The Secrets! 
I really liked the map and the final room was a tough one for me. The Secrets were only found after the 4 or 5 run. To thank you there is a video. Keep it up and I am looking forward to your upcoming map.

Quake - Cradle - [4K] - [100 %] 
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