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Q1SP - Cradle (akm1) ** Copper Quake **
Hey everyone! This is my first map release. It's a fairly small id1 style map with mostly city textures. All constructive criticism is welcome as I want to continue getting better at mapping in general.

** This map requires Copper Quake **


Download Link! 
sorry, I broke the download link!

You can grab the map here! 
Fixed The OP Link 
The one time i forget to check the links in a news post 😔 
I love it. Classic minimalistic style, solid build, brutal gameplay. Only found one secret during my first playthrough. 
Congrats And Well Done! 
This is a heck of a solid first map. Great encounter design. I like that you focused on layout, navigation, and encounter design and let the visual elements be minimal. Imo, it's a great foundation to build the player experience first and let visual detail emerge as you continue to map.

Additionally, the ammo balance seemed spot-on for a normal mode run. While I was a little careless with health in a few places, there seemed to be just enough health packs not to leave me hanging.

Here's my demo, normal mode. I did not find any secrets but enjoyed the run! 
First Map? Awesome

Here's a demo or two. Good map for a start, you nailed the gameplay down first and that's the most important thing. Also it's not bad looking for a first release. 
Replaying on Hard I found all the secrets and I really like them as well. It was so satisfying unlocking the ”super secret”. Great stuff. 
Here's a 100% playthrough on Hard: 
Played this again after playtesting the first RC and I have to add to the praise again, such a killer map for a first go-around. Mans went from being unable to make a light entity to doing an entire map in 3 or so days. What a legend. 
skill 2 first play demo:

Very fun map. Love the scale. 
'Nother Demo 
I Have Found All The Secrets! 
I really liked the map and the final room was a tough one for me. The Secrets were only found after the 4 or 5 run. To thank you there is a video. Keep it up and I am looking forward to your upcoming map.

Quake - Cradle - [4K] - [100 %] 
So Well Balanced For A First Map! 
Wow. Each encounter was really well balanced (on Skill 1) with just enough health and ammo to keep me on my toes. Really well thought-out and just a blast to play.

Found 3 secrets on my first run and all 5 on my second. Enjoyed the way they varied in appearance and how you combined them into the final big secret.

The general visual design was good, in the traditional ID1 style. It all felt just properly scaled with enough variety and room to move but not so big and linear that moving through became a chore.

In conclusion: great job! Keep making (Copper) maps! 
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