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Q1SP: What Lies Behind (wlb.bsp)
This is my second Quake map, a small to medium size map with a Runic theme.
-46 enemies on Easy, 65 on Normal and 77 on Hard
-Around 8-10 minutes of playtime
-Custom track included



I included a sketch I made some time ago in case you wanna see how the map looked before.
Also if you can record a playthrough of my map I'll highly appreciate it
Will Play Tomorrow But 
Those are some delightfully crunchy screenshots. 
Perfect Oldschool Map. 
Secrets hard to find and I like it! 
I Played.

Decent map, with nice gameplay. Some comments:

- The lighting was well done (a good balance between light and shadow), but it had probably too much color in it, even if it gave the map a different vibe from most. Interestingly though, it's actually the color that keeps the map from being too bright, as I replayed the map again without the .lit and it looked considerably different.

- The encounters were fine, but sometimes I needed to kill every single monster in an area to progress to the next, and I think it would have been better if that wasn't used so much.

Nice job overall! 
Perfect Map 
Nice design and the lava room was very difficult to play. I found the 5 Secrets only in the 6 attempt.

Quake - What Lies Behind - [4K] - [100%] 
Love It 
It's oldschool, it's fast, it's funny.

Thank you.
Good job! 
Great Map 
Some great design, thanks for the download. 
Played It On The Quake Grave

Wow, very impressive how you've improved so much from your first map! While I think the first room could do with some re-thinking (dark room with ramp in the back leading to room), the rest of the map is a ton of fun though! I especially like the bit where the lights start popping on and the lava room is just crazy. The beginning room feels VERY Quake 2 due to the colored lighting as well, which is interesting because the rest of the map doesn't seem to carry this same style. The may be one of the other critiques I have is to think about your next map having a more unified style through out. Lots of fun with this one though, nice work! 
Really Great Map 
Loved the lighting in this one, really great use of shadow and especially colour. The strong use of colour can be difficult to get right but I think this map nails it. Overall the lighting is cleverly applied and I think the whole aesthetic worked well, with nice contrasts in colour and texture between the different areas while maintaining a vibrant yet gloomy style.

I didn't find all the secrets, although I could certainly SEE some of them, I couldn't figure out how to activate them all.

The gameplay seemed well balanced. The lava room was pretty wild. Would probably have been cake if I had figured out how to get the penta but I didn't :P

For just your second map, this is awesome stuff. Can't wait to see the next one. 
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