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Alternate Quake Music Pack - UPDATE
Announcing an update to the Alternate Quake Music pack
(for streamers & those who simply don't have music):

--> New main theme (track #2) from Markie Music <--

Get it here:

Again, it's in OGG format only, so Mark V users will have to convert them to MP3s. Should be a simple drop-in for everyone else.
It seems that YouTube has stopped taking down videos with the OST? I have uploaded a couple of playthroughs lately with the OST and they are still up. Knock on wood.

It's a nice resource even so of course. 
Unfortunately, that is 100% incorrect.

UMG is still claiming content that utilizes the original OST; however, now they will allow YouTuber's content to be shown, because they "own" it in all actuality. Your videos will simply be ineligible for monetization because they are officially property of UMG.

If you want your material to be absolutely free from their grips, then using this alternate material is the way to go (or merely disable music).

I personally don't want them involved with my content whatsoever, regardless if I ever make one red cent! 
Ah, OK, thanks for the info. But they did take down the videos firs, so I was 100% right rather. I don't care about monetization personally. 
Sorry, but I get annoyed. I said: ”It seems that YouTube has stopped taking down videos with the OST”. How can that be ”100% incorrect” if they have stopped doing so? I didn't say a word about monetization. 
Yeah, My First Sentence Was Off 
I agree. I thought about that first sentence after I posted it & thought "Well, actually that's wrong in the case of the videos being down goes."
Unfortunately, you can't edit comments. My point was that they still screw with content created.

My bad! 
I noticed that Track 02 is Markie's cover of the original Quake theme. Would that be considered his property, or is it still UMG's? Do they make an exception for covers or remixes?

I'm an amateur composer, and I've been thinking of doing a few Quake covers myself, but I may not bother if people would still get "punished" for using them... 
Would be really cool if all music tracks were remixes of original tracks. I recall that Markie's Augmented track has intro pretty similar to track08 from id1. Dunno if he can do all tracks, for it gotta be challenging but he certainly understands what is it about. Maybe some fan music creators could cooperate and make quake remix ost or smth for these purposes. 
@ So Rangers Name's Jim? 
The problem with youtube is that sometimes remixes and covers are also targeted by the original copyright law 
Markie donated that song about a month after I packaged up AQM. He said that due to many differences, it shouldn't come remotely close to UMG's radar. Since track #2 is the most iconic and is frequently used in custom maps, I figured that a custom track that emulates that particular original couldn't hurt.

If any hiccup occurs, the pack can revert back to the earlier version by simply bringing back the previous track #2. 
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