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List Of Floor Textures
Does anybody have a comprehensive list of floor textures used in Quake and its two official mission packs (SoA/DoE)?

I am particularly interested in any metal or wood textures - important (again), used on the floor only, not the wall or ceiling. The only one I know about for sure right now is "wizmet1_2" for the official ID1 campaign.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
I doubt anyone has this list, you'd probably have to write a tool that examines each BSP, looks at each surface, and depending on the facing angle of the surface, classify it as a "floor" or "not floor. Then, find all textures in the bsp and record whether they are ever used on "floor" or "not floor" surfaces in that bsp. Repeat for all bsps. Then your answer would be any texture that is "floor" at least one bsp, and never used on "not floor" in any bsp.

Classifying a texture as "metal or wood" is probably best done subjectively after you get your results from the tool. 
My Time To Shine 
The name probably doesn't tell you much, but you're probably familiar with floor01_5.

This kind of ubiquitous texture that you look at and think "yeah, it's pretty common"?

In the official campaign, it features only in 1 brush across all 32 maps. It's used as the floor in the balcony ambush room in E2M5 and nothing else in the entire game. 
The start map has wizmet1_2 as trim and arches... 
VuRkka created this list of how often textures where used in Quake when I asked a similar question on Discord a while back. It's only id1 but it's a start.

OTP that's pretty crazy! Since it's all over the place in AD etc. 
are the numbers in that list the number of BSPs that include each texture? 
38 trigger.tga for 32 SP + 6 DM. 
Now I'm interested what are the two maps that don't use the teleport texture... 
I think it's e2m4 and e2m5 
Just Realized 
You can use Mark V to see a brush's texture names in-game. It's tool_texturepointer in the console. At least you could do this by hand this way. 
yes I believe that's correct 
I was surprised when OTP pointed this out to me a while back, since to me it’s the quintessential medieval floor texture, but my perception clearly did not match reality. 
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